Self-adhesive contact paper is a very versatile product. It can be used to line shelves and drawers, protecting the underlying surface. It can be used in arts and crafts, for example in stencil projects. It can be used to decorate and coat furniture and appliances, including computers. However, one type of self-adhesive contact paper has more specific uses. Self-adhesive wood grain contact paper creates the appearance of wood and therefore has very specific and valuable uses.

This product is most commonly used to line or coat furniture. This may be necessary because the surface is damaged or stained or simply the wrong color for the room. Or it can completely change the appearance of something made of plastic or metal if a wooden look is preferred. This works for bookcases, shelves, desks, coffee tables, and even kitchen cabinets.

Other uses for this product include smaller and more personal items. Some people are very picky about their notebooks, sketchbooks or journals. You can use contact paper with wood glue to personalize, personalize, and design them. Simply apply the paper to the outside of the book and let the glue set. Then cut it out to fit the edges.

Other personal items that are often enhanced with this style of paper are computers. Applying wooden paper to the outside of a laptop or tablet provides a stunning effect and makes your computer stand out from the crowd. This is good for attractiveness but also helps with security. If you have a computer that looks like it’s made of wood, you can keep an eye on it safely, and a potential thief will think twice before taking it.

Another place where paper can be used is a place that is often overlooked. The splash. This is the part of the kitchen wall between the bottom of the cabinets and the countertop. This area is usually covered with granite or other stone, but these products are expensive and are not suitable for all kitchens. Another cheaper way to protect this part of the wall from kitchen stains and still maintain a good appearance is to use wood grain contact paper. This gives it the look of wood without the cost. And because it’s a contact paper, it’s easy to clean or even replace without considerable cost or effort. There are so many uses for this product. Those discussed here are only a small fraction. Look at the things in your home and you may stumble upon another use that no one else has considered.


Paper crafts are truly very cool and easy to make! Besides, there is no need to have expensive tools, all you need is paper, tissues, glue, and scissors. You can create beautiful and cheap decorations for your home that will make your apartment much cozier. Learn how to create origami hearts in seconds. Also, you can make a cute garland from hearts or decorate a gift for your best friend. Decorate a room for a romantic evening with heart garlands. Kids adore paper crafts and they will be busy for hours creating toys, flowers, and greeting cards for Mom.
DIY wall art is one of the most fun and inexpensive ways to decorate your home. Here is a list of amazing DIY wall art ideas for you to try! Be crafty and watch how to make 3D start and flowers that look amazing! If you don’t like natural flowers, try to make paper flowers as they look gorgeous and realistic. Moreover, you can make white peonies out of… paper tissues and toilet paper! Cut tissues to make petals, fold petals to make a shape of a peony. Create stylish wall floral décor to make your home look stunning! These décor ideas are extremely creative and fun!
Besides, you can make cute paper decorations for a photo session. Decorations for a party may cost a lot but you can replace them with paper ones. Our ideas will save you a budget.
As a bonus, you will find how to create a jumping from made from paper. You will love our step by step origami tutorials.
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