26 FANTASTIC HANDMADE GREETING CARDS || Paper Craft Ideas Under 5 Minutes

26 FANTASTIC HANDMADE GREETING CARDS || Paper Craft Ideas Under 5 Minutes

The garage is usually one of the most forgotten rooms in the house, although it is also the most used. People like garages because they are versatile. Not only can cars and boats be stored in home garages, but lawn care products, lawnmowers, garden tools, and other do-it-yourself tools and necessary items are often stored in garages as well. Garages provide a sheltered place with access to electrical outlets for many types of projects that need to be completed. Since garages are primarily used to carry out projects that are primarily self-contained, garages are also a great place for arts and crafts.

The main reason garages are so practical for carrying out projects is that it is often irrelevant when they get messy. Garages are usually so finished that you don’t have to worry about ruining the finish. If a child gets the carpet in the family room painted, the damage is costly. If a child drops paint on the garage floor, a minimal cleanup is essential for many people. After the paint has dried, you can move on safely and many people don’t worry about paint on the garage floor.

For this reason, garages are a bit of a puzzle in terms of finishing. It’s nice to have a well organized and tidy garage and also a little attractive, but many people don’t think it’s important to spend a lot of money to make a garage look good, at least internally. However, a garage that is twice as good for projects as a comfortable workspace will generally be more used.

Insulated garage doors should be the first thing you start designing a garage that is also a comfortable work area for projects. Insulated steel garage doors offer safety, convenience, and durability at an affordable price. Many insulated garage doors also qualify for tax credits. Talking to a local garage door service company can help determine what type of insulated door is most beneficial in a given geographic area.

Covering garage walls with drywall helps transform the garage into a space the family wants to use. Many people even paint the inside walls of their garage, even if they are not covered with drywall. It may not be the best part of the house to spend a lot of money on fancy finishes, but since many people enter the garage first when they get home, the effort to paint the walls a cheerful color will help make each house more cheerful.

In many ways, putting a beautiful floor in the garage is the opposite of the reason for the room. If the garage is large enough, you should consider placing inexpensive tile or artificial flooring in a fixed part of the garage to create a much more comfortable work area. Again, don’t put too much in, this area is also prone to spills and permanent clutter.

Finishing off the areas inside the garage will make it more pleasant to come home to, as well as providing a better space to take care of the little do-it-yourself and craftsmanship. It is important that the garage is not neglected and ignored as part of the operation of the living part of a house.


Are you preparing for a BFF’s Birthday? This time we prepared a cool collection of ideas that will help you to create beautiful and memorable greeting cards. Besides, a handmade greeting card could be a gift that will cost a penny. Our tutorials are good for craft beginners and gods of crafting! Choose which one is suitable for you! Besides, there are a lot of tutorials and ideas for kids! They are great for any occasion.
The first idea is very easy! All you need is washi tape and a piece of paper. It’s better to choose color paper and your Birthday card will look really cool! Pop-up greeting cards aren’t difficult to make once you understand how the pop-up mechanism works. We share an easy tutorial on how to make a pop-up greeting card with a bouquet inside. I bet you didn’t know that it’s a very easy tutorial! The next project is really cool! Make a shirt-shaped greeting card for boys. It a perfect greeting card for Dad’s or colleague’s Birthday.
You will be surprised but you can use such ordinary things as cupcake liners, balloons, and band-aids to make an awesome greeting card. Cut cupcake liners to decorate a card. You will create a cupcake with birthday candles. The next greeting card idea is my favorite! I love a greeting card with an elephant with a moving trunk. Take a balloon to glue it to the piece of paper and add googly eyes and ears. Perfect! One more cute idea for kids is greeting card with a rabbit made from yarn. Watch the video and find the tutorial!


00:09 Greeting cards for beginners
01:50 Best greeting card for boys
05:22 Cool Birthday card
07:18 A greeting card with elephant
10:43 Greeting card for the loved ones
11:34 Greeting card for your Mom

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