26 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make

26 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make

Here’s a little tip on how to deal with one of these problems we often encounter when photographing reflective products. This is especially true for our 360° product photography.

If we place a mobile phone or an iPad or a similar product with a reflective screen on our record player and try to photograph it with our camera pointing straight at the screen, we will immediately notice that our record player is clearly visible as a white and curved reflection on the screen of the product. The reflection from the table will remain on the screen in almost every shot of the 360 products where the screen is visible, as the light from our lighting bounces off the turntable and is reflected back to our camera through the reflective surfaces of the product. This is almost impossible to avoid as we still need a lot of light around our product and a reflective card that we would use to block the light might not allow us to completely eliminate the reflection. Not to mention the time it takes to set up the bounce card correctly for 10-15 images, which is a daunting task in itself.

The answer to this problem is quite simple – we just need to lift the product so far above our turntable that the reflection is obscured by the camera angle we choose. It can take some extra work, as mounting a product on the turntable often requires building a customer base that must fit and hold the product in the desired configuration. We have used solid wood blocks that we cut into various shapes, which are excellent for this purpose. With wood, however, you must be careful to wrap it in some type of white tape or white paper to ensure that it does not create a yellowish tint in your product images. We have recently started using polystyrene, and it works much better because it is easier to cut and we don’t have to worry about the color of the mold because it is a fairly neutral light gray. You can get polystyrene blocks in different shapes and sizes from your local craft store or order them online.

If you have 360° product photography equipment that allows you to mount and rotate a product from above, this is of course not a problem. However, in our experience, most electronic devices with reflective surfaces and similar products need to be photographed in one way or another when mounted vertically on a turntable.

26 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make
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