Looks like you have a more than adequate home. Your family is comfortable and satisfied with the arrangement of the house, even more so with the extension of the basement that you have done in a “do-it-yourself” style. There wasn’t much to do in the basement anyway, except installing extra sockets and some really cool mood lighting. The plasma TV you installed in front of the comfortable couch you just bought is the perfect setup for a serious Sunday afternoon football game.

As much as you enjoy it “indoors”, you still think it’s a great idea to expand part of your living area to a terrace. Even if your home is not designed in an arts and crafts style where a porch is an integral part, you still think that some changes can be made to build a porch for your home. What will you do next?

Does your house have a front porch or a deck? If so, you can contact a qualified builder or contractor who can take a look at your home and make suggestions. It is essential to use the services of a qualified contractor, as there are local building codes and laws that you must follow when building a porch, especially if you need to build your porch from the foundation up to the roof.

The design of your porch is unlimited. Although the function of a porch is basically to protect or cover the main entrance to a house, its definition and therefore its use has evolved. A veranda doesn’t even need to cover the main entrance of a house, since a veranda can be placed on the ground or on the second level, on the front or back door or on the side door facing the garden. So your first consideration is the location of the planned terrace.

Your imagination is your only limitation when designing a terrace. You can build it at ground level and open it to the pool or terrace. You can build it next to your bedroom, the ground floor or the second floor. If you decide to build it on a second level, wouldn’t it be great to have a fireman’s pole to slide down to the ground floor? What about building a veranda that reflects the elegance of the old world? You can knock down a living room wall, frame it with UVB and UVA safe umbrellas and furnish it with wooden furniture covered with lots of comfortable cushions and exotic accessories. Needless to say, this type of veranda would need a roof and walls of framed umbrellas.

If this is too much for you, then choose a simpler design that reflects the lines and style of your home. You can simply extend your existing porch and partially “wrap” the house. Put some simple lawn furniture on the porch and perhaps integrate a barbecue pit for barbecues and outdoor entertaining.

If you live in Minnesota, get a reliable, qualified Minnesota contractor to extend your porch. When building a porch, attaching posts to the foundation and nailing beams to the posts is not easy. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Don’t settle for the first builder you find. Get quotes or estimates from more than three contractors. You’re not paving a deck, but building a new porch, so the more options you have, the better.

It turns out that you can have fun without getting up from the couch and without gadgets! Did you know that you can draw on your own fingers so that it brings joy and fun? See how to do it. You can make a whole finger theater with your child – come up with banned characters and an interesting plot: about love, about crime, about the Apocalypse.

How to teach a child to draw animals? Especially if you yourself are far from an artist? I will show you how to draw animals simply and fun. Drawing with the palms is a great educational activity for children, from which they will be delighted. See how to draw a bird, how to draw a giraffe, how to draw an ostrich, how to draw a peacock, how to draw a turtle, how to draw a snake, how to draw an elephant, how to draw a snail.

You will draw adult animals, and the kid, due to the size of his palm – their children. You should have a whole zoo. For example, to draw a giraffe, we press the middle finger, the rest we take to the sides and draw around. It remains to decorate and get a giraffe with horns and ears.


3:02 Food doodles
6:01 Avocado couple
8:03 How to draw with a palm
10:27 How to draw an elephant
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