One of the children’s favorite activities at birthday parties, summer camps, and overnight stays is the chance to paint their faces. Whether they want to be transformed into superheroes and jungle animals or simply adorned with beautiful flowers and butterflies, children are drawn to the pure fantasy and fun of face painting. Children at day camp love to come home with a happy lion face or a silly cartoon character’s smile, and this colorful and creative activity can be the perfect icing on the cake for your little one’s birthday party for many happy reasons.

Choose a theme

Theme parties are always a big hit with kids, and your child will be happy to help you plan a party that focuses on his or her favorite book, character, movie, or activity. Choose a zoo party for a young animal lover, a princess party for your little princess, or a fun pirate-style party. These themes are perfect for art; along with some cleverly coordinated invitations, games, and cakes, face painting provides a subtle element of fun.

This is a great icebreaker

Painting your face is a great way to keep the party going. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, kids will have a great time choosing designs, watching their friends get decorated, and getting into character when they get their new face painted. Before you know it, your house or garden will be a beehive of activity with princesses jumping up and down and crisscrossing in layers laughing at each other.

It’s a cheap way to dress

Little ones love to dress up, whether they’re recreating their favorite Disney movie, strutting around like a superhero, or strutting around like a really bad pirate. If you paint their faces at birthday parties, you’ll see that children immediately put themselves in their place and start playing animated fantasy games. Children will use their imagination and creativity while having fun, and you won’t have to buy expensive clothes or accessories.

When you decide to do the DIY

Instead of paying a professional party company, you can paint the little faces yourself. Make sure that when you go to the craft store, you buy non-toxic paints specially made for face painting. Unlike theater paints, face paints are easy to remove and are not greasy. Prepare a book with motifs for children to choose from, and make sure your child sits in a chair or other safe place while you paint. Make sure they keep their eyes closed during the process and never put glitter on their face, as there is no safe glitter.

When choosing a professional

You can choose to hire a professional face painter, some of whom have even attended art school. Companies that offer face painting services can also offer packages that include other fun activities for the party, such as balloon spinning, clowns, and even photo booths. Ask friends for recommendations or check local websites such as Angie’s List for potential party artists. Examine photos of the company’s work before hiring to make sure it’s the style you’re looking for and ask if all the materials are available and if there are any additional charges. Make sure the company uses all non-toxic products, and it’s a great advantage to have an employee background check.


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