Scrapbookers, i.e. papermakers, are suitable for collecting paper. To people outside this cult, the phenomenon may sound strange. But for some scrapbooking fans, a large paper collection is something like a painter’s large collection of colors or a makeup artist’s large collection of makeup: there are no surprises. Paper is the main medium in most scrapbooking projects, so those who work with paper will logically tend to save their resources.

Scrapbook paper looks like watercolor art paper and calligraphically accented cards; the mood is romantic, the tones are often subdued, but there is still room to explore color in many new themes. Paper with a graphic style is becoming increasingly common.

Some methods for finding scrap paper are as follows.

1. Swap, trade or buy a paper from conventions
2. buying in craft shops
3. buying in the markets
4. order the paper by mail
5. Buy directly from a paper or office supply store

There are even more opportunities to acquire interesting paper resources. Collecting more innovative paper designs is the goal of some scrapbooking fans. And some companies are willing to meet the demand. Suppliers such as Blue Fern Studios have an artistic way of combining advertising campaigns and meeting the needs of customers. Their promotional gifts on paper benefit both their brand and the scrapbookers. By finding similar gifts and sales from companies like this, photo enthusiasts can save money and also get their favorite craft materials.

DIY enthusiasts also have options. With the advent of innovative techniques, such as those produced by the Elephant Paper Company, DIYers can consume without causing harm. The company helps both people and the environment by recycling elephant poop – you heard right. And, interestingly enough, this is not the real reason why this option is such a rare and unique opportunity for the environmentalists involved. Their elephant dung recovery system is, in fact, 100% sustainable, a rarity in the world of paper products; the fibers of the eaten and digested material are denatured and dried in the sun, using techniques that also benefit human workers.

The overall options for recycled paper have increased in popularity and abundance. Color versions and versions made from plain paper (which can be hand-decorated) have increased greatly in recent years. They also complement the list of alternatives for craft enthusiasts when searching for their favorite raw materials.

01:21 Kinder surprise card
04:31 Starbucks card
06:56 Easy glitter card
10:33 Lovely card with hearts

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