33 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make

33 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make

The Bob the Builder animated series is very popular with young children. Bob is a master builder who, along with an assistant named Wendy and several construction machines, tackles some kind of construction project in each television episode. The machines are animated, they can talk, and each has its own way of interacting with Bob. Usually, something goes wrong with the construction work, and the machines are all there to help Bob solve the problem.

The popularity of the series led to a whole series of Bob the Builder toys being made for young fans to collect. The most popular are replicas of the machines and a figure of Bob himself. The machine figures, including the excavator called Scoop, the bulldozer called Muck and the steamroller called Roley, come in different sizes with different features. Some are friction-driven, some talk, and some are smaller castings. Besides these figures and vehicles, you can buy games, puzzles and much more.

The toys are aimed at children from 3 years of age and are ideal for them to recreate the things they see in cartoons. It’s never too early for children to learn do-it-yourself skills, so check out some of the hundreds of toys you can find on the Internet. The range of toys is very diverse, and in addition to toys and games, there are craft items, school supplies, kitchen appliances, and bedroom furniture.

The toys are not very expensive and start at around £3 for a plastic figure or £6 for a hat version. Sets with the main characters are easier to find, and a five-figure set costs around £12, while larger vehicles can be found from around £8, and talking ones cost a little more.

The worst toys in the range are probably the toy sets, as they don’t offer good value for money. It’s best to buy a larger collection of the main characters and give your children the opportunity to use their imagination for role-playing and other games.

Bob the Builder’s story has a very complete theme that teaches children many good values. The machines often fight and Bob jumps up and down to resolve conflicts. When Bob struggles to finish the construction project, all the machines work together to help. The team is very social and the program’s motto is “Can we fix it? Yes, we can,” sends a very positive message.

33 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make
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