5 DIYs CHALLENGE MAGIC CARDS 10 MINUTES – Easy and Funny Cards | aPasos Crafts DIY

5 DIYs CHALLENGE MAGIC CARDS 10 MINUTES – Easy and Funny Cards | aPasos Crafts DIY

Lately, my friends have been asking me how I can find simple activities for the kids at home instead of just shopping in the showcases every weekend. Here I share my seven interesting and simple D.I.Y. handicraft activities at home with your little boy, and I hope you enjoy these activities with your son at home!

Craft #1 Egg painting

The material you need is eggshell. Keep the eggshells during cooking by removing all the egg white and yolk without breaking the whole egg, just a small hole at the top of the egg. Save as many eggshells as possible so that your children can enjoy a different egg painting experience. You can use any coloring agent such as acrylic, watercolor, poster paint, colored pencil, as long as your children agree!

Craft #2 Origami

Origami is another fun craft that you should practice with your children at home. Do a search on the Internet, just type the origami diagram into the search engine, you can find thousands of free diagram websites with clear instructions. Origami is the best craft for your children to learn basic math like shapes, angels, numbers, and sequences.

Craft #3 Paper mosaic art

Mosaic art is another interesting craft that I always do with my kids. You will need two or three pieces of colored construction paper, drawing pad, PVA glue, colored pencil, or watercolor.

Craft #4 Self Portrait

All children love self-portraits. What you need is an A4 drawing pad, a pencil so your child can scribble on his or her self-portraits, and some stickers for decoration. When it is ready, ask your child to sign it.

Craft #5 Family cut-out

The scrapbook is another interesting work you can do with your child. The simplest topic is family travel scrapbooks. This involves collecting all the photos taken during the trip, pasting them onto the A4 construction paper in the correct order according to the itinerary, and then simply adding a few words to describe what happened on the trip. Finally, add some interesting decorations to make the scrapbook design look good.

Can I make a Funny Card in 10 minutes? Today, Funny video where I make 5 cards in 10 minutes????? What do you think? I did it or not? … watch the video…

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