5 MINUTE CRAFTS and BARBIE HACKS – DIY School Supplies, LOL OMG Crafts, Dollhouse and more

5 MINUTE CRAFTS and BARBIE HACKS – DIY School Supplies, LOL OMG Crafts, Dollhouse and more

If you stay home and are a Martha Stewart type, then there are plenty of DIY tools you can use to start your home improvement hobbies. Painting walls, making electrical installations or repairs around the house, or arts and crafts activities like scrapbooking are productive ways to make time at home worthwhile, especially when the kids are away at school. But some do-it-yourself jobs are hard to do.

You need technical knowledge and know-how to do them. One do-it-yourself activity that is dangerous is repairing electrical appliances at home. Recently, Lowe’s and Sunset’s books have been recalled because of their defective technical manuals and diagrams. Some books that have been recalled include AmeriSpec Home Repair Handbook, Sunset Basic Home Repairs, and Lowe’s Complete Home Wiring. There are over 950,000 of these home electrical repair books scattered throughout the site and would be difficult to retrieve. If the repair is not good, it could result in an electric shock or fire. You should always seek the help of a certified electrician.

Unlike home electrical repairs, a simple do-it-yourself job is scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a popular hobby for teachers, housewives, grandmothers, and business people. Scrapbooking involves creating a compilation of your memories, mementos, photos, movie or bus tickets, and other things that can be organized into a kind of book. It’s a similar activity to kindergarten, where the task is to create the best Christmas card, but by cutting out small pieces of paper and sticking them in the box. For some people, scrapbooking is a relaxing and creative hobby.

To start with your scrapbook, choose your art medium. Choose the medium that suits you best and choose a theme that interests you so that you feel motivated to start working on your project. When you create your artwork, you have a plan. For beginners, it is best to try the abstract works first, as this gives them more freedom and allows their creative juices to flow. For more structured designs, you can use templates to trace the drawings on the canvas. If you plan to use cut-out pieces, you can use a Cricut machine. The home craft Cricut is great to use in scrapbooks, greeting cards, albums, and even your wall project. There are Cricut outlets if you want to buy your own Cricut machine.

5-minute crafts and Barbie hacks on how to make DIY School Supplies for Barbie dolls or LOL OMG (DIY miniature pencil case, DIY backpack, how to make felt-tip pens, wristwatches for Barbie, mini computer for the doll, DIY comb for dolls, DIY mini Nutella and donuts, miniature shoe crafts, mini hair dryer, miniature set of cosmetics, mini hair clips for Barbie, cream and furniture in the dollhouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy59J6cWrMA

Most of the crafts in this DIY video will suit any #Barbie doll or #LOL OMG. And dolls, as well as girls, are preparing for school 2019, so miniature school supplies for Barbie are a necessary attribute of the upcoming schooling. Felt pens, pencil case, backpack, comb, and many other miniature accessories in the style of back to school 2019 for the doll.

#Backtoschool is so important for dolls, they also want to have their #miniature school supplies. Make them yourself for your doll with the new DIY video about
5 MINUTE CRAFTS and BARBIE HACKS – DIY School Supplies, LOL OMG Crafts, Dollhouse and more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy59J6cWrMA

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