5 minute crafts – DIY Miniature Realistic Doll Handbag – simplekidscrafts

5 minute crafts – DIY Miniature Realistic Doll Handbag – simplekidscrafts

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DIY| Miniature Doll Handbag (Fake Leather) – Simplekidscrafts using recycled headphones.

We will be using the fake “leather-like” material at the top of the headphones
Cut it into a small rectangle
Then cut to shape the flap at the top
Glue the sides
Then fold and glue in place
Cut an additional strip of the material
And attach as a handle
Glue the flap
And attach a bead as the closing button

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5 minute crafts – DIY Miniature Realistic Doll Handbag – simplekidscrafts

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