Do you constantly watch DIY Network programs? Wondering how DIY gurus are making it easier to work on stylish woodwork? Have you ever imagined making some beautiful do-it-yourself wooden parts? Well, why not try to do it instead of just imagining it? The carpentry trade is not really an impossible craft to learn. Some people say that carpentry requires good hands and that only people with excellent craft skills can do carpentry. This is certainly not true. Carpentry is a craft. And anyone can learn a trade. You may not create an artistic work overnight, but with patience and constant practice, you can develop your carpentry skills and perform elegant woodworking.

If you have been planning for years to pursue carpentry as a serious hobby and build your own home workshop, then perhaps it is time to start. The best way for beginning carpenters is to have the right equipment.

When it comes to carpentry equipment, table saws are the most important. And you should not be satisfied with cheap saws. A good woodworking hobby starts with a quality saw, like the Ridgid table saws.

There are two main types of Ridgid table saws: Granite saws and portable saws.

Ridgid table saws with a granite top are perfect for those who work in a workshop. The 1 ¾ inch thick granite table saws are built for heavy-duty work. The beauty of the Ridgid granite table saws is that they are virtually immune to rust, giving the user a smooth work surface with minimal vibration.

Performance is important when working with wood. Ridgid is aware of this fact. With a 1 ½ HP TEFC induction motor, Ridgid saws with a granite cover can work long hours at a high level. Users do not need to worry about operating these table saws. With an on/off assembly and large handwheels, users can perform heavy work with comfort and precision with these saws.

For people who work in different locations or prefer to do alternative work inside and outside the shop, the Ridgid portable table saws would be a perfect choice. Equipped with two-wheeled carts, these saws can be easily transported from one area to another. In terms of performance, these portable saws can compete with stationary saws. With a 15 A motor, the portable Ridgid saws can cut for hours. The portable saws are also equipped with soft start systems, which not only enable a faster start of work but also reduce the need for switches to be tripped.

With Ridgid you get a great warranty:

Most companies offer a one-year warranty period. Some offer two. With Ridgid it’s different. Because of its high-quality standards, Ridgid has a three-year guarantee on its table saws. You also have the option of a lifetime service contract for free repair and maintenance of your equipment.

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