Amazing Paper Cup Crafts DIY Videos for Kids | Paper Cups Life Hacks | Easy Paper Cups Craft Ideas

Amazing Paper Cup Crafts DIY Videos for Kids | Paper Cups Life Hacks | Easy Paper Cups Craft Ideas

The process of redesigning a bath can result in a large amount of waste that must be disposed of. While the most obvious option is “to the dump”, there are other more creative (and cheaper) ways in which this can be achieved. There are also other materials that cannot simply be disposed of elsewhere.

First, the tiles on the wall of the bathroom. Be careful, removing the tiles can be a dangerous process; the fragments that are created when the tiles are cut from the wall can fly anywhere. Be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves. Gloves are still advisable during further handling, as the fragments have very sharp edges and can cause unpleasant cuts if not handled properly.

So how should they be disposed of? If your renovation is part of a larger home renovation, you may have the option to “bury” your tiles as part of the floor foundation. Simply drop your tiles into the foundation and grind them with a hammer, for example. This will make them more compact and result in a more solid foundation.

Alternatively, you can contact a waste recycling company with which you can arrange for the collection of your old tiles. This is usually a free service and saves you a trip to the dump. Make sure your tiles are well packed, the old boxes are the best. You can usually find out about the services available from your local authority’s website.

Other more creative disposal methods might include using the tile fragments as drainage for the potted plants. Or if you have managed to remove the tiles as a whole, could they perhaps be used by your local school/church as part of a arts and crafts program? There is also the FreeCycle Network – if you list your old tiles there, others will have the opportunity to reuse what you don’t want.

Other waste generated when renovating a bathroom can be old pipes. In today’s world, these have a high price tag and are often worth talking to a local junkyard who will weigh them and pay you for them. Be that as it may, do not throw such things away, metal is relatively easy to recycle and is a limited resource.

Final waste material is the sludge left over from things like the glue used to fix bathroom wall tiles or grout. Although there is a temptation to simply throw it away, the best solution is to let the mixture settle in your bucket. After a short time (usually thirty to sixty minutes) the sediment will fall out and the water will remain on top. This water can be carefully poured into a normal drain; the remaining sludge can be poured into a suitable bag and allowed to dry. This in turn could be used for hardcore or taken to the top.

Amazing Paper Cup Crafts DIY Videos for Kids | Paper Cups Tricks & Life Hacks | Easy Paper Cups Craft Ideas & Decorations.
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