Best Out Of Waste From Plastic Bottle Crafts # diy arts & crafts | Artkala 418

Best Out Of Waste From Plastic Bottle Crafts # diy arts & crafts | Artkala 418

It can be difficult to throw away a vase of cut flowers. I’m certainly not the only one who gets them so rarely that I can’t bear to part with this special gift. I guess that’s why I hang them upside down to dry in my garage. Of course, after a while, it can look as if a strange and morbid garden has grown on the roof. But there are many clever ways to use your dried flowers to complement your home or to pass the gift on to another deserving soul (although for some purposes you may prefer to press the flowers rather than hang them upside down to dry).

1. Made of cardboard

You have probably already seen these expensive greeting cards made of handmade paper with intertwined leaves and petals. Even if you don’t want to bother making your own paper (although you can), you can create a unique look. Simply place some premade paper or cardboard on top of it (rub it with coffee grounds, dip it in tea bags and crumple it up a bit), then rub it with some glue and gently press the petals together. You can even sew with a little gold thread around the edges, which gives an expensive look at low cost.

2. Bags

Instead of buying these handy pouches so that your laundry drawer always smells sweet, get a breathable pouch (or make one out of linen, lace or tightly woven, like socks), fill it with petals and tie it together with a nice ribbon. Voilà! An instant medley. And for gifts, you can always make a more elegant version.

3. Decoupage

If you don’t know what to do with the old coffee table that has been in your house for ages (you know, the one with the stained top), consider making it floral. Go to the local handicraft shop and buy decoupage glue, a cutter (it’s a smoothing tool that looks like a rolling pin, but if you don’t want to buy one, opt for popsicle sticks) and a sponge or brush. From there, all you need to do is spread a layer of glue on the surface, place the petals in any pattern or arrangement and seal them with one or more layers of glue, which you can smooth and flatten with the smoothing tool (the end result should be quite smooth, although you may need to sand it down slightly).

4. The wall painting

Old hand-drawn flowers picked from the pages of wildlife guides have recently arrived in home shops around the world as elegant framed works of art for the boudoir. So make yours by pressing small wildflowers, sticking them on yellowish cardboard, and writing their name in Latin. Then throw them into an old frame you found at a garage sale to give them the old look you like (for less money).

5. Hats

If you are one of the many women who appreciate a good hat, put some dried flowers on the brim. Probably the best way to dry them is to use glycerine (which makes the flowers easy to shape and lasts longer than other methods). Simply soak them in a two-part solution of warm water and one part antifreeze (or other glycerine) for two to three weeks before hanging them out to dry. When they are completely dry, simply staple them to your hat or tie them to a ribbon. They won’t last forever and you’ll want to protect them from getting wet, but they can be a good seasonal addition to your favorite summer hat.

Best Out Of Waste From Plastic Bottle Crafts # DIY arts & crafts |

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