Cardboard crafts – DIY Tic Tac Dispenser From cardboard with 3 Different Taste at Home

Cardboard crafts – DIY Tic Tac Dispenser From cardboard with 3 Different Taste at Home

Just as not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, not everyone in this world can proudly say they have a talent for arts and crafts. Some people still find it difficult to tell the difference between one end of a hammer and the other. If you are one of them, the construction and craftsmanship of the words will no doubt seem strange to you.

Checklist for eco-friendly DIY projects

For each step, you take in creating your own environmentally friendly shelving cabinet projects, refer to this checklist to ensure you are not violating environmental safety guidelines in the execution of your work.

PLANNING – Determine where you want to build and install your environmentally friendly shelving cabinet. Sometimes the proposed location for the shelving cabinets may already be one of the reasons it is considered environmentally friendly. For example, clutter can make your room feel warmer and wetter than it really is. However, with the help of shelving, the clutter disappears and the room temperature returns to normal. As a result, you’ll have to use an air conditioner less often, which of course is known to release harmful Freon compounds into the air.

MATERIALS – Once you have determined the size, type, and proposed location of your green storage cabinet, the next step is to purchase the necessary materials to get started immediately.

If you don’t mind, consider buying used materials to avoid having to cut down more trees, for example, just to replenish the supply of wood and other plant materials on the market. If you do buy used materials, of course, make sure your money is worth it. Always compare prices and check the quality of your purchases before you pay anything. Buy as much as you can from a reputable seller. If one of your purchases requires delivery, only entrust the delivery of your purchases to a trusted courier service.

Secondly, when you buy any type of material or product that you want to use for your environmentally friendly DIY shelf cabinet project, make sure that the supplier or manufacturer of the products you want to buy complies with all environmental standards in the manufacture of your goods.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT – There are certainly several tools and equipment you will need to complete this project. Again, make sure the vendor or manufacturer meets the required environmental safety guidelines when you buy. Second, make sure the equipment does not emit or discharge harmful gases into the air.

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE – Garbage and waste are almost always a by-product of all DIY projects. Failure to properly dispose of your waste will automatically defeat the purpose of making your shelving environmentally friendly.

DECORATIONS – There’s nothing wrong with adding an upgrade here and there to make your eco-friendly shelf cabinet beautiful. However, remember that to beautify your cabinet, you are still not allowed to use materials or products that are even slightly harmful to the environment, such as non-biodegradable plastic or spray paint containing toxic compounds.

#HowToMake Tic Tac Candy Vending Machine at home easy with 3 Different Taste
I usually have lots of candy and I often make my desk cluttered.
Then I created this Tic tac #CandyDispenser to make my table neater.
ThisTictac candy machine with three tastes: orange, mint, strawberry. You can do it at home with cardboard.
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