Christmas Crafts: DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Candles

Christmas Crafts: DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Candles

Are you eccentric? Is your idea of a wedding a golden-brown Egyptian theme, with costumes and accessories? Here’s a creative way to create “papyrus” wedding stationery that can be used in your invitations, envelopes, wedding cards and wedding invitations to match your Egyptian-style wedding. It’s certainly unconventional but creative, and you’d love your guests to participate in the theme of your choice.

Materials required

  • Gauze rolls
  • Multipurpose / Craft Adhesive
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Paper
  • A small brush


Cut the gauze strips a little longer than the length of the paper. Regular paper is sufficient, but it is better to use heavier cardboard material if you want to use it for envelopes and wedding cards. Place the cut gauze strips vertically on the paper. Add more layers of gauze until the desired thickness is achieved.
To prepare the coffee mixture: mix one part water, one part glue and then add the coffee. The amount of coffee to use depends on how light or dark you want the final product to look. Be careful not to use the coffee three at a time, as the ants will come up if you let the coffee dry.
Be sure to put your project on a table with a plastic cover or an easy to clean surface, as this can get a little dirty. Apply the coffee mixture to the paper and gauze with a brush. Let it stand for a few minutes and the gauze will have bonded to the adhesive.
Lift the amalgam carefully and let it dry in the sunlight. It usually takes a whole day to dry completely. When it has dried, you can further smooth the paper by placing it between heavy encyclopedias. Cut off uneven edges to obtain a clean surface. And voilà, you have your papyrus wedding card finished with the added aroma of coffee.

Ideas for your papyrus wedding paper

You can use this method to cover your wedding card envelopes.
You can overpaint them with oil paints and colors by copying the art of Egyptian papyrus or hieroglyphics.
You cannot write or print on this handmade paper, but you can use it as a base and paste the printed invitation on the surface and add page inserts in complementary colors.
You can add glitter and gold crafting materials to enhance the professional look of the stationery.

In this video, I’ll show you how to make DIY Dollar Tree snowman candles!

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