If you want to redecorate your kitchen, you must first decide what type of decoration you want to choose. Certainly, the options available now will leave you stunned and confused, but if you remember a few things about the kitchen, the choice you make will be the right one for you. After the bathroom, the kitchen is the most important room in any house, and it is also worth remembering that the kitchen is the room with the most foot traffic after the entrance hall to your house.

Below are some of the more popular kitchen styles to consider if you are planning a remodel or renovation of your current kitchen. It’s also an idea to research by looking in home and house magazines, visiting kitchen showrooms, home improvement stores, kitchen websites, or even looking at your family and friends’ homes to see if they have a style you like.

1. country style – Often called early American or colonial style, as it aims to create a beautiful and quaint country style kitchen. Often these kitchens have open shelves and potted plants and it feels like you are living well in them. These kitchens are often accented by different color schemes that relate to the actual arrangement of the cabinets.

2. contemporary – This style is used more and more because of its clean and simple lines. Often the cabinets are quite futuristic in appearance and have no carvings or trim. In this style of the kitchen, the emphasis is more on style and practical sophistication than on beauty and warm home feeling.

3. cooker – A simple and functional kitchen style with flat panel doors, wooden countertops, and brass handles (accessories).

4. French Country – Kitchen designs based on this style are warm and inviting, using lots of wood and soft colors. This style of kitchen is not only characterized by the use of natural materials, but you will also notice that the furniture used is large and quite ornate.

5. art and craft – Another style of kitchen decoration that is becoming increasingly popular due to the use of glass doors and natural wood tones, finished in a matte gloss effect. Surely this style of kitchen decoration offers the opportunity to be a little more artistic and creative in design.

However, when choosing a theme for the kitchen, it is important to look at the designs and styles of the other rooms in the house to make sure it fits into the overall concept of the house.


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00:09 DIY miniature soap bottles
00:33 Miniature skates for Barbie
03:13 DIY makeup tools for Barbie
08:28 New hairstyle for your doll
16:06 Play-doh dress

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