DESKTOP ORGANIZER expandable from Cardboard – Back to school| aPasos Crafts DIY

DESKTOP ORGANIZER expandable from Cardboard – Back to school| aPasos Crafts DIY

There are those who fervently believe that the road to happiness is paved with shiny new mobile phones, Sony PlayStations, and high-definition plasma TVs. The citizens of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, have not yet received this memo. In a city where old-fashioned writing, talking to neighbors, and long meditative walks are the order of the day, Gatlinburg offers another rarity to a materialistic nation. Here you will find a community of DIYers and craftsmen. In Gatlinburg, the locals will be happy to tell you that DIY means “Dream It Yourself.

These dreams come true on an eight-mile stretch of road within Gatlinburg, affectionately known as the Great Smoky Mountains Arts and Crafts Community. It’s the largest group of independent artisans in North America. Founded in 1937, it offers art and craft enthusiasts, supporters and aficionados the opportunity to experience first-hand the cultivation of the visual arts. Forget about DirecTV, wireless Internet, and downloading MP3s. The eclectic members of this vibrant community have a passion for carving, painting, sewing, weaving, carving, and almost every other form of craftsmanship.

In an area that prides itself on its beautiful natural landscapes, Gatlinburg also prides itself on making antiques with ease. Whether it’s candles, baskets, brooms, quilts, pottery, jewelry, dolls, pottery, stained glass, fine photography or silverware, the Great Smoky Mountains Arts and Crafts Community is a huge one-stop-shop. If you like to explore, discover, and shop, you can do it any way you want without an annoying commission salesman watching your every move. Almost year-round, the community organizes informal workshops for children and adults of all ages. The only requirement is curiosity and interest in creative expression.

After visiting a variety of charming shops, it’s time to eat, drink and relax. You can enjoy all of this in the spacious and picturesque spaces of the Great Smoky Mountain Arts and Crafts Community. A delicious range of restaurants, cafes, tea rooms, candy shops, and soda fountains are within easy reach of the surrounding shops.

For those requiring a more academic approach to the arts, you are welcome to visit the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Arrowmont, a fine arts education center for adults and children, is the University of Oxford for budding craftsmen. In addition to weekend seminars, Arrowmont offers one and two-week workshops for beginners and advanced craftsmen, as well as weekly lessons for local residents.

You will receive a first-class education in fine arts / visual arts at Arrowmont’s pristine and historic 14-acre campus. Workshop topics and lessons are as varied as an orchard in the English countryside. Topics include ceramics, fibers, metals, jewelry, painting, drawing, photography, hot glass, woodworking, books/paper, and mixed media. The workshops are open to those over 18, with classes of no more than 12 students. Arrowmont’s appeal lies in its old school saying: creativity and hard work are never mutually exclusive.

An equally prestigious feature of Arrowmont’s pedigree is the highly regarded Artist-in-Residence program. In addition to offering 160 nationally and internationally renowned artists and rotating workshop instructors, the 11-month residency offers visiting artisans a monthly salary, a shared apartment with private rooms and meals, a private studio and, at the end of the semester, the opportunity to showcase their work at Arrowmont’s renowned Artist Outfitters store.

Hello aPasos Friends!… In this video, We will be showing how to make an Amazing Desk Organizer expandable of cardboard. You can organize your school supplies because it has many 4 organizers where you can put your pencils, pens, papers, clips, eraser, sharpener, notes, glue, tapes, cutter, ruler … and many more. We hope you like it.

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