Simple DIY wedding decoration tips for the bride – easy ways to create unique centerpieces

Now you can make your wedding really unique by simply creating homemade centerpieces? If you want your wedding to be remembered by your guests, here are some tips on home wedding decoration to create elegant centerpieces.

Home Wedding Decoration Tip 1: Create a Theme Centerpiece

It is important to consider your wedding theme when designing centerpieces. Themed centerpieces will make your wedding truly unique.

1 For garden weddings, you can create centerpieces with traditional baskets. Small baskets can easily be found in any specialty craft store. Choose medium baskets for the guest tables and a large basket for the main table.

Put something in the baskets to make them heavier. Then you have to line the baskets with polystyrene. Now you can put the flowers and other decorations in the center of the flower baskets.

2. If you want to have a beach wedding, it would be easier to make homemade wedding decorations. This is because most beach weddings are very informal.

To create the centerpieces, you can buy sandcastle replicas or other replicas of objects related to the sea. There are many shapes and cheap replicas that can be bought in specialized stores.

Place these sandcastle replicas on each table and place small shells around them. You can buy fine plastic marine coral and put it on your centerpieces.

Home Wedding Decoration Tip 2: Create Edible Centerpieces

Probably the most unique home wedding decoration you can make is an edible centerpiece. You don’t have to limit yourself to flowers when designing centerpieces. You can also use other materials like fruit, candy, and chocolate.

To create fruit-based centerpieces, follow these steps:

1. buy ordinary bowls at the supermarket. Any shape or design is suitable as long as it is the right size for your wedding tables.

2 Stick small ribbons around the bowl, or simply make a large ribbon and stick it to the side of the bowl.

3. Now you can fill the bowl with different types of fruit such as apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, or other round fruits. Make sure the bowl looks colorful so that you have to mix several types of fruit in each bowl.

For candy-based desserts, it is best to use candy canes or thin chocolate bars. Put the candy in the bowl. You can also put some flowers in the bowl to make it more tempting.

Home Wedding Decoration Tip 3: Use Scented Candles as Wedding Decoration

Scented candles are also the best materials for making centerpieces for your wedding. However, you must make sure that the base of each centerpiece is strong enough to prevent accidents. Here are the steps for making a centerpiece for a candle:

1. Buy small scented candles on the Internet or in any large store. Make sure the scented candles have their own display case.

2. You can use a larger clear cup or a small fish tank in which you can place the scented candle. You can wrap the bowl with art paper. You can also use colored cardboard with template patterns to flavor the fish tank.

The light emitted by the centerpieces will give your wedding a romantic atmosphere. This type of home wedding decoration is ideal for indoor weddings.

There are many more ideas to think about when creating your own home wedding decorations. Any type of material can be transformed into a beautiful centerpiece. You just have to use a lot of imagination and creativity to create home wedding decorations.

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