Diy garden decor with waste material / Cute and easy garden crafts / Diy planter with waste bottles

Diy garden decor with waste material / Cute and easy garden crafts / Diy planter with waste bottles

Organizing party games at the preschool age can cause headaches when there are many things to do in this type of social gathering among young children.

As someone who has been throwing parties for years, I hope the following recommendations can give you old and new ideas for fun, hassle-free activities to celebrate your little ones.

(A) Line up at

This is a classic and time-honored party game that is loved by children all over the country.

The organizer has to prepare a big picture of a donkey, a sticker or double-sided tape, a donkey tail made of big handmade paper or newspaper, and a piece of cloth to blindfold the child.

Before the activity:

Take a large piece of construction paper (or stick many pieces of paper/paper) and draw a donkey.
Draw a tail on a separate sheet of paper and cut it out. Draw a tail for each participant.
Stick the double-sided sticky tape on the tip of each donkey tail.

Rules of the game:

Choose a child (usually the birthday boy) and blindfold him. Ask him to stick the tail in the appropriate place on the donkey.
Each child takes turns holding the tail and tries to place it in the appropriate spot.
In the end, the child who puts the tail in the best place where it should win.

Tips for organizers:

Share the tail activity with your party’s theme with your pin! You don’t need much time for this do-it-yourself activity, because nowadays you can simply download photos from the Internet for this game. Otherwise, there are party kits prepared for popular themes like Mickey Mouse and Blue’s Clues.

(B) Pass the pack

You need a CD, a stereo, one (or more) small gifts and several large pieces of paper. Gift wrapping or newspaper will work well.

Wrap the gift item (the “package”) with many layers of paper.
Ask the young people to sit in a circle
Start with the songs and ask the children to walk around the package
As soon as the song ends, the child holding the item should unpack a piece of paper.
Start the music and pass the package
Repeat the step and unpacking until the child has unpacked the last layer of paper and the gift is revealed. The happy child can then keep the precious contents of the package!
For extra fun, you can put little gifts like stationery in each layer of the package so that no one is left out. You can also prepare several packages in case the children want to play again.

(C) Goose Duck

This is another proven party game that is loved by preschoolers. The children are probably familiar with the rules, but let me list them for your convenience.

Ask the children to sit in a circle. Decide which child (usually the birthday boy) should be the “duck.
The duck will then tap the children at random. If it says “duck,” then absolutely nothing happens; but if it says “goose” (usually quite loudly), then the “goose child” should chase the duck.
If the goose fails to catch the duck, then it can remain “duck” for the next round.
If the goose succeeds in catching the duck, then the duck must sit in the “soup bowl”, that is, in the center of the circle, until finally another duck is caught in subsequent rounds.
Tips for organizers:

Please remind the children to tap the other small children. Really don’t knock!
To knock, get something that is reasonably firm but soft, such as a balloon stick
Be considerate if your “captured duck” refuses to sit in the soup (some young children may find this very embarrassing). One way is to encourage the child to choose other “punishments” (but don’t really call it punishment – call it a small performance or something positive) by singing a tune or performing a fun action.

(D) Musical chair

What You Need:

CD Songs and Chairs

Rules of the game:

Put the chairs in two rows, preferably back to back. Make sure the number of chairs equals the number of participants minus one.
Invite children to play the game and ask them to walk around the chair as soon as the song starts.
When the song stops, everyone should be given a seat. The only participant who fails is excluded from this round of the game.
Remove one chair and repeat this until there are two participants left with one and only one chair.
The one who manages to sit on the chair (instead of the other person’s lap) wins!
For the activity to be safe and fun, the chairs must be of adequate height and stable enough for the children. For very young children, it is also best if one parent can join the child. You also need to constantly remember that walking and not running is the rule of the game.

(E) Birthday Hat Competition

Would you like to have something artistic and fun for the kids? It is also a good alternative to the “active” activities described above.

What you need: Craft paper, paint products (colored pencils, markers, glitter glue), craft supplies (e.g., aluminum foil, pens, scrapbooking supplies), scissors, and glue

It is possible to make a pre-cut shape of the birthday hat or have the children make it themselves. The decision should depend largely on their age.
Ask them to decorate any way they want – the sillier the better!
To add some excitement to this activity, you can hold a hat contest and give prizes to the winners. For children this age, it is important to prepare more than one prize, such as the dumbest, the most creative, the most colorful, the tallest, the widest… so that each child can go home happy and proud of his or her creation.

After all, a party should be a party of friendship, so it’s important to make everyone happy. Enjoy planning the party and the success that comes with it!

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