There are several reasons why sewing machines are still so popular with buyers today. First, with a little knowledge and a sewing machine, it is often more convenient to make a quick repair or alteration to a garment than to bother finding a seamstress and taking her in for repairs.

Second, the fashion items that most of us buy and wear are mass-produced. Despite the sophisticated sizes on offer, it can be difficult to find “the perfect fit”. Often a garment can fit perfectly by making a quick change with a sewing machine.

In addition, making clothes, curtains, duvets, and similar items is a very popular hobby. Many consider garment design to be an art form and make clothes for both pleasure and practical reasons – and the sewing machine is one of the most important tools in their art.

However, the sewing machine had its humble beginnings on a more practical level and has a rich and fascinating history. Sewing machines were originally created at the time of the Industrial Revolution. They enabled the mass production of fabrics and clothing and changed the way they were made.

The Englishman Thomas Saint is credited with inventing the first sewing machine in the late 18th century. This revolutionary machine automated the sewing process and made hand sewing unnecessary, which greatly accelerated the work.

Initially, sewing machines used at home were pedal operated, but over time they became much more sophisticated and easier to operate. In the 1900s, the electric sewing machines we know today were created.

Today, sewing machines are easy to use and offer many functions and features. The more expensive models of sewing machines can be used for many different tasks, can use different types of stitches, can contain multiple thread spools, and can even be used to save time on such complicated tasks as embroidery.

One of the original leaders in sewing machine manufacturing, Singer, still sells the machines today, along with other well-known brands such as Brother, Viking, and Kenmore. The cheapest sewing machines start at about $100, but the most expensive models can cost thousands of dollars.

Before you buy, you should think carefully about your exact needs and become familiar with what is available on the market. Be sure to look around. You’re likely to find some good deals on the Internet, although many consumers prefer to use a local salesperson to help with repairs and advice.

Hello friends! My name is Oksana Dmitrieva and today we are making a classy, ​​bright, and very simple and budgetary organizer for office supplies. Do you want to have a nice desk organizer without paying money? So this DIY tutorial could be useful for you because it shows how to make a cute desk organizer using the cardboard from scratch. This type of DIY organizer is really easy. I tried to make it the best way to repeat it. All you need is cardboard to make such a DIY desk organizer. Of course, you can use any color of paper to cover your organizer. I show only my own wish for organizer decoration.

Materials for the organizer:
– thick corrugated cardboard,
– colored paper,
– scrapbooking paper,
– satin ribbon,
– scissors or joinery knife,
– transparent adhesive tape,
– glue gun, glue “Moment” or polymer glue.

♫ The video uses a song from Epidemic Sound

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I will share with you my new ideas, experience, skill in interesting and fascinating DIY. After all, the office with their own hands and creativity – it’s cool. In my new master classes on my channel, I do my own hands with great pencil cases for school, desktop organizers, organizers for girls, notebooks, mini-notebooks, as well as other interesting and cool things that make our life more beautiful. Having made these cute things, we can present them to our relatives, friends, and relatives.
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cardboard – the technique of working with paper and cardboard. my microns are very simple and make them very easy and simple. I really like to do handmade crafts.