Easy Recycle Crafts ! DIY Flower vase making from waste CDs ! Best Out of waste craft ideas !

Easy Recycle Crafts! DIY Flower vase making from waste CDs! Best Out of waste craft ideas!

Do you find it difficult to buy gifts for friends? Well, here are some ideas that will literally let you down. All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine, and your imagination.

Inspiration can strike at any time, so it’s important to have the right tools at hand. It is said that some of Mark Twain’s greatest ideas have been forgotten due to a misplaced writing instrument. Don’t despair – this can easily be avoided by dusting off your old sewing machine and placing it somewhere outdoors, such as near a bedroom window or, if you have one, in the “creative room” of your home.

It’s also good to keep a healthy supply of fabric nearby and have the necessary supplies (e.g. needles, thread, bobsleds, etc.) handy. If you don’t have any equipment, a simple trip to your local sewing machine shop should help!

What do you want to make?

Searching the internet for ideas can inspire you. Look for links to wonderful craft blogs to help you get started.

Production takes time

Building a project from scratch takes time. We all know this, but we all tend to prepare for failure by not knowing exactly how long each part of a project can take. For example, you need twenty minutes for the construction, another twenty minutes for the fabric and appliqués, then another twenty minutes for the first run: that’s a whole hour, and you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface! The idea is to be inspired, not frustrated; it’s important to be involved in your project, otherwise, you might just give up after that first hour.

Be meticulous when sewing

Thank God we have sewing machines. It used to take a seamstress up to three hours to sew a long, straight, tight line! Machines shortened this time by about ten times, maybe even more. It’s okay to take your time to make sure your lines stay seamless throughout the piece (pun intended). Good taut lines give garments a professional “I really care about my work” look. Be proud of your craft and be meticulous! If you need help with a particular technique, someone at your local craft or sewing machine shop can usually help you.

Have fun!

It’s called craftsmanship for a reason: It’s supposed to be fun. If you are constantly frustrated, take a break, and have a glass of wine. Better yet, call a few friends over or start a sewing group.

Show your work

Social media give everyone the opportunity to get their “15 minutes”. Even if your project may not be the next viral sensation, social media offer artists a way to showcase their value with minimal effort. That means you have more time to create. Most artists achieve success solely through marketing. You are creative enough to make fun of gifts from scratch; you should be creative enough to market your ideas (for free) through social media!

Perhaps no gift can compare love with a friendship like the one that comes from hands. It’s all about the journey. From the decision to make something, to visit the sewing machine shop, to wrapping the last gift – crafting is more than just stupid stuff we put together. There is a deep story in every artifact, and the recipient never forgets this kind of gesture.

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