FLIPBOOK – Valentine`s Day Gift – Easy Love Idea | aPasos Crafts DIY

FLIPBOOK – Valentine`s Day Gift – Easy Love Idea | aPasos Crafts DIY

This is a special time of year when you can tell the Easter Bunny about all the wonderful things you have done at school and in your community.

Writing a letter gives you the opportunity to share your good deeds… and oh, let’s not forget the most important part: the sweets! The Easter Bunny will want to know about your favorite sweets and toys so that your basket is filled with the goodies you like.

To make your letter really special, make your own ‘Mosaic Egg Note Card’ write your message on What is mosaic?


Mosaic is an ancient art form in which small pieces of tile or glass are used to create a picture. This art technique fixes and seals oddly shaped pieces to a surface or wall with a cementitious adhesive called mortar. Artists have also used paper, small pebbles, or decorative stones to create interesting mosaic patterns. Once the small pieces are placed and glued together, the artists fill the spaces between the pieces with mortar. The masterpiece is then placed and given time to dry.


Now you are the author and the artist. With paper as the material to complete this mosaic project, you will 1. learn how to clear and join strange shapes to create a mosaic design. 2. carefully apply glue to the small pieces of paper and place them on the envelope of the card. 3. 3. Write your message inside.


mosaic – small pieces of tiles or glass, which are put together to form pictures

Mortar – a cement-like material used to fill gaps and apply pieces to a surface

Technology – a way to get a task or project done.

wall paintings – a painted or mosaic-like wall design

Adhesive – another name for glue or cement

WE START (What you need)

1 sheet of thick cardboard paper (white or colored)

1 oval-shaped object (a small canvas of paint or an oval plate works well)

Elmer’s glue or Elmer’s rubber cement (adhesive)

Pencil (for drawing the oval shape)

Small paintbrush (for applying adhesive)

2-4 scrapbooking craft sheets (mixing and matching patterns work well)

The small box with crayons, colored pencils or markers



1. Cut the scrapbook sheets into small and medium-sized pieces with your scissors. Put them aside.

2. fold the thick cardboard paper in half.

3. 3. Place the oval shape slightly over the folded side of the cardboard.

4. Draw with a pencil around the oval shape until the fold on both sides. Follow the drawn line and cut out the card (avoid cutting out the fold).

5. If you have used white card paper, color the side of the card with a colored pencil, colored pencil, or marker (the color of the background serves as the color of the joint shown through the cut pieces of paper).

Tip: Coloured construction paper can be used as the background color of the grout, so the colored pencil or markers are optional.

6. Now you are ready to organize your small to medium-sized pieces to create your mosaic design.

7. Once your design is ideal, use the brush and carefully apply glue to the back of each piece (remember to leave some space between each piece).

8. Let your slips of paper slide off the card to avoid gaps at the edges. Cut along the edge of the egg for a complete finish.

How to Make a Flipbook to Valentine`s Day. We show you step by step how to draw a beautiful message and you to hide a small surprise. Also, you can print our drawings and assemble your flipbook in a few minutes.

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