JUMBO SLIDING PUZZLE of Cardboard – Gift Idea| aPasos Crafts DIY

JUMBO SLIDING PUZZLE of Cardboard – Gift Idea| aPasos Crafts DIY

It’s amazing how a coat of spray paint can give new life to old things! It’s available in a wide range of colors and finishes at your local craft store or hardware store. Use it to create coordinating sets from items you find separately, such as photo frames or baskets. A dreary piece of furniture makes a statement when painted with a strong color (or two). Disassemble the items as much as possible and paint the pieces separately to ensure even coverage. For best results, apply several thin coats of paint and always work in a well-ventilated area.

Templates are another quick and easy way to improve. Use them on walls and furniture, spray them on wood, metal, or plastic, or use etching cream to make templates on mirrors and glass. Try an initial or a monogram pattern – it’s so easy, but it adds a touch of style to just about everything! With a personal touch, new items will look like they were made to order and those used as heirlooms.

You can make your own stencil with a computer: Print your stencil pattern on heavy cardboard material, place it on a cutting mat (or layers of thick cardboard and/or newsprint) and cut it carefully with a sharp utility knife. Some projects may require a durable plastic template; make such a template by transferring your design to a piece of discarded plastic packaging.

The simplest template of all is a cheeky strip that can be easily made with tape and two or more colors. Make it “eye-catching” with a high contrast combination or use different shades in the same color family for a more subtle look. Allow each layer to dry completely before applying the tape.

Antique calendars are treasures of art and exquisite photography! Make an elegant “print collection” by putting your favorite pages in matching frames from a discount or thrift store and displaying them in a group. If you don’t have antique calendars, many non-profit organizations offer calendars with stunning photographs, which they will gladly send to you for a small donation. Every time you enjoy the photos, you’ll feel good about keeping something you care about.

Used clothes can be reused to decorate your home. The stained but beautiful sequined shirt you can’t throw away? Turn it into a pillowcase! You can cover the cushions you already have or buy cheap cushion shapes at the craft store. Old wool sweaters can be tumble-dried at high temperatures and cut into coasters and mats without being sewn. If you knit or crochet, rip used T-shirts into strips to make soft, cuddly rugs. Or use colorful plastic bags for more water-friendly results, which you can hose off – perfect for the porch or mudroom!

Use tag sales, flea markets, and your local thrift/donation store for furniture and decorative items like pottery, lamps, candlesticks, baskets, and framed art (use them as they are or be creative – see above). You can even find items made from materials that are now limited, such as precious woods and ivory! Even if it’s not a long lost masterpiece, adding handmade items will improve your home. Disinfect glass and ceramics by washing them in soapy water with a little bleach. Be careful with non-washable fabric items, especially if you have allergies or pets.

For stylish storage, ask your local liquor store for used wine boxes. Many are decorated on the sides with picturesque landscapes or colorful, elegant designs. Fold the top flaps inward and place the boxes on a shelf to keep them tidy. (You can even label them with templates or computer-printed signs, such as “Gloves and Hats” or “Seth’s Toys”)

Plants add vitality to your interior, but not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also replace carbon dioxide with fresh oxygen for your breathing pleasure. Supplement your collection by taking cuttings of your houseplants. Cut a healthy branch or bud, put it in a glass of water, and place it in a sunny window for a week, adding more water as needed until the roots sprout. Put some small stones or gravel at the bottom of a pot and fill the rest of the way with soil. Plant the cuttings carefully in the ground, taking care not to break the sensitive roots, and water thoroughly – swap with friends with green fingers for a change!

You can easily upgrade your lighting for festive occasions by replacing a few white bulbs with colored ones. Tea lights are less expensive and messy than votive offerings and can be burned in almost any open glass container. For a cozy glow, place a chain of white Christmas lights on a shelf with your favorite glass, crystal, or metal objects and watch them glow.

Finally, try your Chi! Look up the Feng Shui Basic Workout at your local library or read about it online. Applying some basic principles will make any room more welcoming. You may find that simple and subtle changes “open up” rooms and give your home a more comfortable and harmonious feel.

Today we show you this idea to give away on any occasion, a Jumbo Slide Puzzle. you can paste a photo or a nice hidden message.
This is made of cardboard.

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