Polished Japanese Foil Ball CHALLENGE | Will be TRUE? | aPasos Crafts DIY

Polished Japanese Foil Ball CHALLENGE | Will be TRUE? | aPasos Crafts DIY

There are two ways to make a successful photo bag, but first I’d like to ask you this: What can you do better, with a computer or with your own hands?


For this project, you need a handbag made of pure and soft fabric, preferably cotton or something that can be printed just as easily. The straps of your bag should also be made of soft fabric. The equipment you need for this project is a computer with photo editing software installed and a special printer capable of printing on paperless materials.

The first thing you need to do is to measure your bag. Where do you want to print your photo? Usually, people only have their photos printed on one side of the bag, but you always have the option of printing them on the back.

Second, once you have measured the canvas, transfer the measurements to the computer. That way you know how much space you’re working with.

Third, select the image or images – if you want to mix and match or make a collage – that you are going to use and paste them on the canvas. Background design and other decorations can be added before or after inserting the images. This depends on how you plan for all the images to overlap each other.

If you are already happy with your canvas design, it is time to print it on the front of your bag. Make sure your bag is straight and without wrinkles at the bottom. Allow the ink to dry for at least one hour before using it.


The first project is simpler, but more expensive to build because of the equipment used. This version will cost you little, but it will definitely take your time, effort, imagination, and craftsmanship.

As in the first step of the first project, you must measure the bag accordingly. Once you have written down the measurements, consider whether you want to apply the design in the photo directly to the bag or to another fabric. For the latter, choose a fabric design that is a different shade from the bag’s main color. This creates a nice contrast of colors. Never mix a light color with a light color or a dark color with a dark color.

Use art scissors to cut edges and photos. Since cutting a straight line is a challenge even for adults, using art scissors makes cutting easier and more beautiful. Consider layering the design to create a 3D effect.

Use clear glue to stick paper decorations and the photo itself onto the fabric pattern. Always cover your photo design with plastic to protect it from wear and tear and moisture. To attach the fabric pattern to the bag, you must sew it with a thread of the same color or with contrast thread. The seams themselves, like the daisy, can also serve as decoration.

We’re going to make a perfect Japanese aluminum ball. Sand, sand, and sand… Later polish until it’s very shiny like a mirror. This is a popular trend that’s been spreading across the internet.

Watching the video and check that will happen…

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