11 Everyday Haircare Hacks For Long ,Thick & Beautiful Hair | Anukriti Lamaniya.

1.✨Hey Guys, Welcome to another useful hacks video.
In Today’s video, I have shared with you all few very easy and useful Hair hacks.
“11 Everyday Haircare Hacks For Long , Thick & Beautiful Hair”

I hope you guys find these type of video helpful & useful 🙂

About My hair colour –
Last I coloured my Hair around May 2020. I was using BBLUNT reddish-brown colour. After that, I stopped using hair colour and start using henna. Last I dyed my hair with henna in December 2020. The colour last for more than 6 months. I don’t dye my roots. I use henna to just add some highlights to my hair 😊

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1. Innisfree My Hair Recipe Moisturizing Shampoo – https://bit.ly/3i7NcYh
2. Innisfree Conditioner -https://bit.ly/3i06NcL
3. Rosemary oil – https://bit.ly/3hYxbDO
4. Paddle brush – MINISO STORE. You can use any paddle brush. All works fine. Find them on amazon.
5. CASTOR OIL – https://bit.ly/3ux8Szs
6. Olive oil – https://bit.ly/3fuuVTa
7. Hair serum : L’oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil – https://bit.ly/3uulzuN
8. Hair straightener – Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener – On Amazon

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Disclaimer – This video is not a sponsored video. All the views and opinions are my own. All the hacks are tried and tested by myself. But it doesn’t mean that all the hacks which I have shown in this video will suit all hair types. They might not suit some hair type. First, try by yourself and see if they work or not. Don’t spread negativity here. All happiness and positivity here.