My Hair Care Essentials and Products for Long , Thick , Soft & Strong Hair || Self Care Secrets

In this video I have told about my Hair Care Essentials and Favorite Products, that help me maintain long ,thick soft , Strong Hair.

I have been using these oils for different purpose in my hair care and these products definitely have played a big part in maintaining my hair health.

So these are for sure my recommendation to you all , as I have got benefitted out of using these products in my Hair Care.

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Here is the link of all the mentioned products.
Coconut oil :
Rey Naturals –
Patanjali Edible Oil –
Maxcare Virgin Coconut oil –

Olive Oil :
Figaro Olive Oil –
Wishcare 100% Pure Olive oil (only combo option available ) –
Wishcare Olive and Castor Premium oil combo –

Castor Oil :
Rey Naturals Premium Cold pressed –
Wishcare Premium Cold pressed –

Mustard Oil :
Patanjali Mustard Oil –

Argan Oil :
Organic Harvest –

Almond Oil :
Badam Rogan Shirin –

Aloe Vera Gel :
Urban Botanics Pure Aloe Vera –
Wow Skin Science –

Essential Oils : 
Rey Naturals Tea Tree Oil –
Rey Naturals Rosemary Oil (only Combo is available) -
Khadi Naturals Rose Essential Oil –

Green Tea :
Organics India Classic Green Tea –

Apple Cider Vinegar
Dabur Himalayan Organic ACV –

Vit E capsules :

Regular Shampoos :
Himalaya Herbals Anti Hair fall shampoo –
Khadi – ( organic shampoo )

Current one :
Biotique Banana Shampoo –

Organic Shampoo :

Link of the mentioned videos :

Hair Spa videos :

Hair Growth Oils videos:

Homemade Hair conditioners & Serums
1. DIY Leave in Serum-Conditioner for Dry , Frizzy Hair

2. DIY Leave in Hair Serum for Frizzy Dry Hair

3. Aloe Vera hair serum DIY

Home made Shampoo Links
1. Green Tea Shampoo

2. Homemade Natural Shampoo

3. Hair Cleanser (How to Remove Oil from Hair and Scalp without Shampoo )

Homemade Oils :
1.DIY Onion Oil at Home

2. Magic Hair Growth Oil to Regrow lost Hair

3. Oil to reverse GREY Hair

4. Aloe Vera oil for Double Hair Growth


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