10 Cool Ideas for Halloween Parties 👻 Halloween Makeup Tutorial

10 Cool Ideas for Halloween Parties Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is the second most decorated party of the year. People love to make props to decorate their house and garden. Some buy all the decorations and accessories and others make them by hand. If you think it is difficult to do everything yourself, you can also choose to mix purchased items and home accessories to save time and money and have a house that is scary. Here are some fun and easy ways to make Halloween accessories for the whole house.

Halloween Props for the Front Yard

It’s fun to decorate the front yard for Halloween because so many people will see it. Everyone who walks or drives on the street will see what you’ve created. You can make your own Halloween props and think of things like pumpkins on the porch, a giant tarantula made from big garbage bags, or a big web in the bushes. You can also make props like “old” tombstones in the yard.

The other option you have for the front yard is to see it a little bigger and rent or buy one or more professional Halloween accessories, these can be animated. Light and sound are also crucial if you want to scare people. But for the front yard, you should buy outdoor lights, because you never know what the weather will be like. Buying or renting a fog machine and some sound effects for more fun will certainly get people talking for a long time about what they experienced in their garden.

Making Halloween room accessories

The living room décor is the place where your own family and guests will spend most of their time, so this is the room where you will have to make an effort. However, the living room should not be over-decorated, it should also remain a place where you can be yourself and relax. You can buy some Halloween stickers or hang them up for windows and walls. A homemade plate with candy or candied apples is good for the coffee table, and you can make accessories such as figures for special effects on the table.

Making Halloween Kitchen Accessories

Just like the living room, a kitchen is a place you don’t want to over-decorate because you need to be able to use it for its original function. You can use the Halloween dishes in the kitchen and make Halloween accessories such as placemats at the table. However, we recommend that you try to create a spooky Halloween centerpiece for the kitchen table or countertop. In props stores, you will have props that look like they came from the butcher and that move and bleed. They’re really scary and you only need one item (like the moving hand, see the link below) to create the scariest kitchen in the neighborhood.

Props for the rest of the Halloween house

The rest of the house is up to you, there are so many cute or spooky Halloween decorations you can buy or make, such as Halloween bedding, bath blankets, and towels. But there are also Halloween figures for the windows in each room. For the windows facing the front yard, it’s best to make accessories to match the yard decor. If you decide to make the props yourself, you’ll find it fun and exciting to do so. But it doesn’t matter if you buy or make Halloween props if you save them carefully, you can add something every year. In a few years, you’ll have the best-decorated house for the Halloween party you could ever dream of.

10 Cool Ideas for Halloween Parties 👻 Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2018
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