10 DIY Meme Halloween Costumes – Merrell Twins

10 DIY Meme Halloween Costumes – Merrell Twins

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for both children and adults. Derived from pagan rituals, Halloween has become commercial, sanitary, and secular. But that doesn’t bother me, and it shouldn’t bother you. We can all use it as an excuse to have a good time.

At least for the past few decades, many adults have made it clear that they don’t want to be mere candy greeters. So there’s an adult Halloween costume industry with a potential of over a billion dollars. There are Halloween parties in many workplaces, and there are also many adult Halloween parties in bars, clubs, and at friends’ homes.

I’ve seen a lot in the 25 Halloweens I’ve seen so far, so I have a few “Two & No’s” for readers. I try to cover the basics here. Have fun with it!

Make sure your kids wear safe suits

As much fun as masks are, I’ve been taught over and over again that most masks don’t give kids enough visibility to act safely. Have your kids wear masks with large eye openings, or paint their faces instead.

Have your children wear costumes that they won’t be able to trip over for a long time. Young children can get very excited on Halloween night, and this makes them more likely to trip over their costumes.

If possible, make sure your child’s costume is visible to others, especially drivers. If your child is going to wear a black witch costume, as I did for a few years, convince your child to wear orange reflective stripes. These can be purchased at most Halloween stores and department stores. Light-colored costumes are also good for visibility.

Take good care of your children

As I mentioned earlier, young children can get very excited on Halloween night, and they’ll probably want to run around. Make it clear to your children that they should always be near you. If you are an adult who supervises children on Halloween, you should have no more than three children per adult. So if you take a lot of children, take more adults with you.

This may sound obvious to you, but when you supervise children on Halloween, don’t be drunk, stoned, or high on anything when you are with them. To ensure the safety of your children and your own children, you should trick or treat yourself sober. If you want to drink on Halloween night, do so after the kids are in bed.

If your children are standing in a doorway, make sure you are no more than ten feet away. And never let your kids go into a stranger’s house.

Inspect your children’s candy before you let them eat

Throw away anything that is not in the sealed factory package. Wrapped small candies are fine. Also, be sure to throw away anything that looks like it has been tampered with. In early November, I read several times in a row in the media about people putting razor blades or poisons in candy. Probably every house your children will visit is full of nice people. But be careful not to become a statistic.

If you welcome trick-or-treating this year, make sure the kids you visit have fun.

Only pass out candy and snacks that you know the kids will love. Candy bars, gum, Twizzlers, gum, and chips are all great. The raisins, peanuts, and those disgusting brown toffees in orange and black containers I got as a kid were all disappointments.

Remember that other parents will inspect their children’s candy and make sure that the things you deliver are all in a factory-sealed package.

At least make a little effort to decorate your house. This year, I’ll put up some cardboard tombstones. Yeah, it’s a cliché, but at least it’ll show I’m trying. Flashlights are great, so make sure you turn them on. Other Halloween decorations are good too, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money, especially if you’re creative yourself. My fiancé and I don’t have kids, but if we did we would include them in the Halloween home decorating process. In this context, it’s no excuse for not being sure you’re ready for trick-or-treating.

Get ready for UNICEF

When I was a primary school student, we all got oranges and blacks from UNICEF trick-or-treating. Over the past few years, I have seen children all over Canada and the United States continue to receive these boxes. UNICEF is a great thing. Better safe than sorry, so make sure you have $20 change ready, just in case.

Behave yourself at adult Halloween parties!

Some of us will be attending work-related Halloween parties. You don’t want to jeopardize your job because you got drunk and did something stupid. When you go to a party thrown by a friend, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your friends or your friends’ friends. If you go to a party at a bar or club, you don’t want to be the victim of a poisoned drink, a pickpocket, or a sleazy guy. If you drink at any of these places, don’t drink more than you can handle. Pay attention to what you say and do. And under no circumstances should you drink while driving. Have a driver or a taxi with money ready. Make sure your friends do the same. Finally, don’t let your friends or colleagues share photos of you on Facebook or anywhere else in a compromising position.

Be smart about your costume

I’m a 26-year-old woman, and women my age, as well as women a little younger and a little older, like to use Halloween as an opportunity to dress up as a “slutty nurse” or a “big sexy bird. I’m not kidding about the latter. I’ve seen pictures of all kinds of “sexy” Halloween costumes that sell and turn children’s icons into stripper costumes. To be honest, you’ve already dressed up as “sexy” to death for Halloween. And you probably don’t want to greet kids dressed like that or dress up for a work-related Halloween party.

Instead, try to be original. For the past few years, I’ve always dressed up as Creepy Crawley to greet clients. Get it? My last name (it’s my maiden name, and I’m never changing it!) is Crawley, and I’m creepy. I was born Friday the 13th. I’m left-handed. What do you expect?

Set age limits for trick-or-treating

If you take your kids out before they’re four or five, they probably won’t remember. Plus, they won’t be able to follow your safety instructions easily. And if you spend an hour trick-or-treating, they’ll get tired!

If you or your child is over 12, the people at the door may be a good loser and still pass out candy, but they may resent you if they trick-or-treat as a teenager or even as an adult. Instead, encourage teens to attend Halloween parties with their friends – and make sure they’re supervised by adults! The only exception for teens who trick or treat is when they supervise their younger siblings.

And last but not least…

Take advantage of all Halloween sales starting November 1st.

Do you love candy? Buy a lot, cheap! Some kinds of candy, like lollipops, are good to keep in your basement and distribute next year. This doesn’t apply to chips and the like, of course. If you buy candy that is discounted after Halloween and spoiled in a few months, make sure it is the kind you will be eating on New Year’s Eve.

After Halloween is also a good time to buy decorations and costumes for the coming year, but not for children, but for adults. Children are often disappointed to wear a costume that was bought the year before. They are also more likely to change their minds about what they “want to be” than adults.


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