15 Cool DIY Halloween Makeup IDEAS + GRWM DYI Costumes 2018

15 Cool DIY Halloween Makeup IDEAS + GRWM DYI Costumes 2018

So, are you thinking about whether you want to throw a Halloween party or maybe impress a group of friends by bringing a spooky, unique Halloween dish that will be a real conversation piece?

Here are some fun and simple ideas for turning prepared dishes into great holiday appetizers that people will love.

Ritzy the snake

You got it, Ritz Crackers, with a touch of M&M Minis, black balls used to decorate the cookies you find in every grocery store, toffee, and peanut butter. Spread a row of Ritz crackers the same way you would place a row of peanut butter dominoes over each Ritzcracker, with the last Ritzcracker lying down and half of a Ritz cracker lying right in the middle of the flat cookie used as a snake face. Use the M & M Minis as snake eyes with the black Nonpareil balls as tiny eyeball pupils and as snake nostrils. The M & M minis can be used as buttons on any other scratch-off cookies on the snake’s body with the peanut butter as glue. Cut a long narrow strip of green or red candy-like the snake’s slippery tongue, creating a small hole as a mouth to put the candy in and the dah, a lovely decorative snake that is sure to be a conversation piece.

The evil green eye

Use carved green apples with pieces of gummy fruit as eyeball parts and black icing as eyebrows and pupils with white icing as accent and glue. Start with a nice crisp green apple at room temperature, which makes it easy to carve a round, flat hole so that the parts can be easily joined, place a circle of rubbery fruit in the center of the carved hole in the apple, using the white glaze as a glue and paint the circle of rubbery fruit black with the black glaze. Form an eyeball with the white glaze in the middle of the circle of gummy fruit painted black, put a black dot in the middle of the white eyeball with the black glaze, or perhaps use a dark chocolate chip as a dot if that would be easier. Use a cake decorating tool to paint an eyebrow with black icing on top of the carved apple edge, or perhaps use a ready-to-use black fondant, a cake decorating ingredient available in craft stores if you can’t draw. You can make as many evil apple eyes as you like, and all the pieces and parts are edible.

Brains, sticky brains

Remove the skin and use a honeydew melon to create a very realistic and monstrous brain. Use a paring knife or an X-Acto knife to cut deep or long incisions in it, as seen in a human brain. Then place the melon in a large mixing bowl. In a second mixing bowl, mix four 3-ounce packets of red or strawberry-flavored jelly of your choice according to the instructions on the back of the package. Pour gelatin over the melon until the deep grooves are filled and the melon is completely covered with gelatin. Place it in the refrigerator overnight, then use a large spoon or spatula to scoop out the desired size of melon or brain and scrape some of the gelatin off.


This little decoration idea is very simple but so fun. Use a clear plastic or glass cup, fill it with milk. Decorate the glass with a black cloth ribbon or with eyes cut out of electrical tape. Cut out oval dots of the desired eye size, then cut out a C shape at the top corner of the black oval dot and place it 3 or 4 inches below the top edge of the drinking glass. Simple but very cute little ghosts.

Monster Spiders

Start this little project with a dark chocolate dessert cup made of clear plastic for the spider’s body and fill it with ready-made dark chocolate mousse injected from a decorative bag with a 1-meter-long tip. Break chocolate-covered pretzels into pieces to use as spider legs. Use a chocolate truffle as a spider’s head and stick small glazed apples with a small amount of melted chocolate in the center of the white ice eye. Use melted chocolate as glue to stick each piece together. Use 4 or 5 bright red or orange M&M miniatures on the spiders’ backs and line them up in a straight line like a spooky spider spine. Before placing the spider on a plate, use a white plate and use a bamboo skewer to draw long U-shaped lines of raspberry sauce and yellow handle for dessert all over the plate so that they look like a big web, then place the spider in the middle of the plate. Tah dah, an edible spider with a gnarled appearance.

So here is TOP 15 Cool DIY Halloween Makeup IDEAS and GRWM DYI Costumes 2018 THAT WILL TOTALLY SHOCK YOUR FRIENDS! https://youtu.be/3gnF4qhXt78

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