Christmas & Halloween Tree DIY / Dollar Tree DIY / Xmas Tree Skirt DIY

Christmas & Halloween Tree DIY / Dollar Tree DIY / Xmas Tree Skirt DIY

Today people are more open to decorations that coincide with the Halloween celebration in question. This has led to a great deal of interest in items that are especially suitable for a particular festival. This also applies to the Halloween festival, which is actually one of those festivals that even children like to decorate.

Halloween is supposed to be a creepy festival by nature, and therefore the theme for decorating your house should be creepy rather than bright and cheerful. Although Halloween decorations exist a dozen times and are very innovative, there are still certain essential Halloween decorations without which the look cannot be complete. Below is a list of essential Halloween decorations that should not be missing from the final look.

1. Halloween pumpkins

A Halloween is not a Halloween without at least one carved pumpkin. One is the minimum, but the more you have, the better it looks. You should also try to get real pumpkins and carve them yourself because then you can have original designs for your house. You can hang them, put them on the windowsill, put them in the center of your dining room table, put them in your driveway, etc.

2. Halloween candles

Among the many indispensable Halloween decorations, candles are an integral part of Halloween. The reason is that candles have always been the support of scary things like ghosts, witches, vampires, demons, graves, etc. If you can only use candles to light one room, the entrance or the porch, this would give the whole area the Halloween atmosphere. The flickering, dull glow created by candles is the eternal companion to the Halloween theme.

3. Halloween tombstones

Even with candles and pumpkins, there’s something missing from Halloween decor, and that’s morbidity. You can add to the morbid look by using a fake tombstone. You can even use several tombstones to add an extra effect.

4. Halloween wreaths

Wreaths can serve a dual purpose for your Halloween environment. Not only do they contribute to the overall theme, but they also use the contrast of wonderful smells to make it seem more realistic. Using wreaths is probably the most natural way to add morbidity to a Halloween theme.

5. Skeletons

Finally, skeletons cannot be ignored in any Halloween situation. Skeletons complement everything you’ve already put into your Halloween theme, and as a pumpkin, they’re an essential part of Halloween. However, if you don’t want to use skeletons, you can also choose to use witches, ghosts, ghosts, etc. These things can be done at home, but if you are short on time, you can buy them at your local stores. There are many innovative versions of the above-mentioned items on the market, with high-tech products attracting the most attention today.

This easy DIY can be used for both Christmas and Halloween season. Add your favorite ornaments and you’re all set.
I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for watching it.♥

Halloween Playlist 2017:

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3 – 4 Christmas Trees (Dollar Tree)
Utility knife (Dollar Tree)
1 bag White Petals (Dollar Tree)
1 Tree Skirt (Dollar Tree)
Acrylic or Chalk Paint White (Home Depot /Walmart /Michaels)

All ornaments and embellishments were from the Dollar Tree!

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