DIY Halloween Costumes for 2018 *EASY**FUNNY* 👻💕| Piper Rockelle

DIY Halloween Costumes for 2018 *EASY**FUNNY* 👻💕| Piper Rockelle

Adding appropriate messages can make a big difference in Halloween greeting cards. A great greeting or mood can make handmade Halloween greeting cards stand out. It is the perfect way to complete cards that you may have spent many hours working on. There can be different types of messages that are written on Halloween greeting cards. Use the ideas below and design your own cards on this Halloween day.

General messages on Halloween cards

If you don’t want to be funny or serious and still want to send a card, you can write these general messages.

Have fun getting dressed, drinking candy, and getting scared.

I wish you a fun Halloween.

I wish you a scary time this Halloween.

But don’t get too scared. Happy Halloween

Halloween Quotes

Quotations can be anything from reflective phrases to outright occurrences. This makes them ideal for all kinds of fun and serious topics, making cards for all ages.

Here are some examples of fun quotes to include in Halloween cards:

Ghosts, like ladies, never speak until spoken to.

Halloween is huge in my house, and we really get into the “ghosts” of things.

Nothing in the world is as beautiful as the last bit of loot on Halloween night.

Halloween Poems

Creepy poems are perfect for writing on handmade cards for Halloween. The poems that can be inserted are classic poems and poems in modern versions. You can search the Internet for poems about Halloween.

Halloween Jokes

Include Halloween-related jokes on the card to lighten the mood. Jokes can be added to the cards using funny and cute characters. For children, jokes are perfect cards.

Here are some popular jokes that can be used as messages on Halloween cards.

Q: What do ghosts serve for dessert?

A: Cry of Ice

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite fast food?

A: A person with very high blood pressure

Q: If you skin me, I won’t cry, but you will. Then what am I?

A: Onion.

To make fun Halloween greeting cards, you can write the following messages in addition to the jokes

On this Halloween day, have as much fun as a ghost. Nobody has as much fun as a ghost.
Happy Halloween from your friend.
Nothing gives you a better day on Halloween than a day with good hair. Make sure you use plenty of scare spray.

Shalom guys! Hope your day is great but better watching this easy and funny DIY Halloween costume video. Still, deciding what to be for Halloween? Not sure what to try on? On a budget? You came to the right channel! I use only items found in my closet to put together last-minute Halloween costume ideas perfect for 2018, with makeup and all. I hope you enjoy this DIY/tutorial video and more importantly I hope it inspires your Halloween costume, just like how you all inspire me to do these awesome Halloween challenge videos.

Comment your favorite costume for Halloween. Try this DIY Halloween costume challenge by putting together a last-minute Halloween costume using only things found in your closet.

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