People in different parts of the world love to celebrate Halloween. Halloween parties are celebrated everywhere on the night of October 31st. These Halloween parties can be a great way for family and friends to get together, enjoy the night of fear, and commemorate the death of their loved ones.

When we throw a Halloween party, we prepare a Halloween decoration that makes our place look scary and scary for our family and friends. In addition to Halloween decorations, we should prepare Halloween games that our visitors, especially children, will surely love. Here are some Halloween games you can start during the Halloween parties to make your party fun and unforgettable.

Pumpkin Hunt on Halloween

Create small and large pumpkins with corresponding dots and then place them in different places in your garden. The participant who gets the most points will receive the main prize, while those who have also found pumpkins will receive candy or toys, depending on how many they have collected.

Tell ghost stories

Everyone will gather around a campfire in front of the house and ask for volunteers to tell scary stories based on their real-life experiences or just their imagination. The participant who can clap and cheer the loudest from the audience will win the game.

Halloween Trip

The chairs are arranged in a circle and the participants dance to scary songs or melodies related to Halloween. When the music stops, they must find a chair to sit on, otherwise, they are out of the game. A chair will be removed after each interruption of the music, so one participant will be safe out of the game until only two participants remain, who will have a hard time sitting in the last chair.

Hit the creepy pot

A large pot, which is attached to a rope, is placed about 8 feet high. Participants stand near the pot and wait for the host to pull the rope and let the candy and other treats fall out of the pot. Money can also be attached to candy, and toys can also be added to make children happier.

Mommy Wrapping Contest

Allow your visitors to be divided into 5 groups. Give them plenty of tissue paper and a mannequin or a cartoon doll. The group that can cover or wrap all the parts of their mummy’s body will win the competition. No part should be left uncovered.

Enjoy Halloween night with your family and friends through Halloween games. You can also let your imagination run wild and start a unique Halloween game that children and adults are sure to find entertaining.


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