30 Last-Minute COUPLE Halloween Costume Ideas! DIY Costumes!

30 Last-Minute COUPLE Halloween Costume Ideas! DIY Costumes!

They do this every Halloween. It’s October 31st, and suddenly you realize you need to find a great costume for the Halloween party you’re invited to. So you go to the local “Anything” store and discover that there are only dumb and nun costumes available in three sizes too small. You try to make your own costume with big garbage bags, a couple of two-liter soda bottles, and some glitter wigs you found in the yard, but in the end, you always end up looking like a bum and not the one you thought looked like Madonna in her good years. So what should you do? Instead of waiting until the last minute this year, you should go shopping early to find a super cool Halloween costume that will take your breath away at any Halloween party.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a Halloween costume during the summer. In fact, it’s one of the smartest things you can do. Buying Halloween costumes online long before October starts is a great way to get ready early and find great deals. Most online costume stores sell their Halloween costumes early in the year at a discount price to attract these early buyers. So why not take advantage of these savings by buying your Halloween costume early?

Once October arrives and everyone starts looking for the perfect Halloween costume, the selection decreases dramatically and it becomes increasingly difficult to find the perfect costume in the perfect size. Buying your Halloween costume early will eliminate this problem, as most costumes are usually available in most sizes. If you are looking for large size costumes, it is important that you buy your Halloween costumes early as they are usually available in shorter quantities. So you should buy oversized costumes right from the start before there are only pumpkin costumes left in your size – they won’t look attractive to anyone, no matter what size!

You’ll also have a wider selection of Halloween costumes if you buy early. All the trendy costumes, like Pirates, Vampires, Princesses, Star Wars and Spider-Man, are available all year round, but as Halloween approaches, these costumes may not be as easy to come by. Deciding early on how you’re going to dress for Halloween is the key to putting together a great Halloween costume. You’ll get your ass kicked again this Halloween if you wait until the last minute when all you’ll get in the week before Halloween are tattooed gorilla costumes!

Another thing to keep in mind when you buy a Halloween costume early is the accessories you need to complete the look. Wigs, boots, weapons, makeup, masks, socks, hats, or whatever you need to take your Halloween costume to the next level will be much less available if you wait until October to buy your costume. So if you want to spend another year looking for another impromptu Halloween costume, go ahead. But if you really want to impress them at this year’s Halloween party, buy early! You’ll save money and time and feel confident when Halloween comes around and you know you already have the best Halloween costume in town.

Happy CLOTOBER! Here are COUPLE halloween costume ideas!
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