Hooray for summer! Being outdoors, swimming, cooking, and taking a vacation. The perfect time to plan your Halloween party?! Yes, believe it or not, this is the perfect time to start planning your Halloween party. If you start now, you can plan a great Halloween party so that your event is on everyone’s lips the moment Halloween is on everyone’s lips and ready to take off!

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, you know that the weekend will be full of parties. So make sure yours is the first one they know by sending in the Save the Date Halloween magnets now! Choose a theme for the party and design your Save the Date magnets taking into account the age of your guests. You can choose a traditional Halloween theme or something that has nothing to do with Halloween and is more of an autumn party for your Save the Date magnets. If your party is for kids, you may want to use fairy tales, superheroes or fairy tales. If your party is for adults, you may want to consider a “retro” theme. There are really no limits to the themes you can invent for your magnetic Halloween invitations.

Once you’ve decided on a theme and selected your magnets to save the date, you should start thinking about personalized Halloween party gifts, accessories, and prizes that fit the theme. Choosing things your guests can wear to the party and take home is a lot of fun! You can stay within your budget and still have your personal Halloween party gifts.

Along with Halloween date storage magnets, choose labels for Halloween bottles that can be used for beer, water, or soda – how excited your guests will be to see the date and location of this event printed! They’ll definitely want to take one home as a souvenir. For an adult party, have Halloween wine bottle labels printed with the date and location in a suitable party theme. Halloween wine bottle labels can be used to scare your guests or help them find the evil concoction they like best. Your guests will have something in common to compare which custom wine bottle label contains their special blend of toad’s eye and bat’s tongue.

Personalized Halloween party gifts fit any budget. To give your guests an even more special touch so they remember how much fun they had, use your Halloween party photos and have them print out holiday cards with them. When they see the envelope with your pre-printed return label in their mailbox a month later, they’ll know there’s something special inside. When they pull the card out and see a picture of them moving around the blocks or dancing, another smile will come when they remember that special Halloween party again!

Even if your guests can’t make it to the big event, with the date magnets and personalized Halloween party gifts, they’ll know they missed out on something special and still have a memory of the event. When they receive their holiday card with the Halloween party photo, they will surely mark their calendar for next year’s party.

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