Halloween Costume Ideas – Part 2 – 300+ Picture Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Just like the previous Halloween season, this is the time of year when most people start getting clothes and accessories in online stores. Some people look for cheap items and some people look for their favorite character. But many customers are looking for top Halloween costumes.
Are you looking for top-rated, best-selling Halloween costumes this Halloween season? Then don’t look anymore. Below are the Halloween costumes that most people want (and will probably sell) this Halloween season. Be aware that like last Halloween season (and most of the past years), it has many familiar characters from recent movies and TV shows, superheroes, famous events, and a few more. This year’s best-selling Halloween costumes are here:

Joker / Batman Costumes

The most sought after Halloween costume on the list comes from one of the best movies in theaters these days. The bad guy from the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight” must be the most desirable costume for this Halloween. And wouldn’t Gotham’s top villain on this top-10 list be without his arch-enemy? Batman is the most popular costume for this year, interested in getting any of these Halloween costumes online, I suggest you check out as many online stores as possible. You will see how much the price of their website may vary from one website to another.

Iron Man costume

Recently another neat comic book character who recently got his own movie is in second place after Iron Man costume. It is among the best-selling costumes this Halloween season with most online stores already open and pre-ordering for their next shipment. If you want to buy an Iron Man costume for next October, you should still buy it whenever you can. If you plan to order this Halloween costume online, be aware that there are several different versions of it (“from cheap-average quality” to “mega expensive high quality”). If you find an Iron Man costume at a better price in another online store, check it out exactly the same (and not the inferior version) before buying it.

Indiana Jones

Another great movie, another great Halloween costume. You can purchase this dress with all accessories, as well as bags, straps, and hats, and use regular clothing to finish the dress. As mentioned earlier, before you order the lowest-priced version of this dress, check that it includes all the necessary accessories (such as a strap, hat, etc.). Also, check for clothing quality.

Harry Potter

Another big-screen star-inspired Halloween costume has been preferred by many, especially young boys. The famous wizard from Hogwarts School of Wizards can be found at almost every elementary school Halloween party. If you want this Halloween costume, be aware that some accessories may not be included and may need to be purchased separately (such as Harry Potter glasses, Magic Rand, etc.).

Barack Obama / George W. Bush

Less than a week after Halloween, the day of the national election, famous political figures will become the icing on the cake. Several “Hillary Clinton’s” can also be found at Halloween activities.

Sports / Olympic Halloween Costumes

Every summer the Olympic year a lot of people choose sports Halloween costumes and this year will be no exception. This is the favorite costume of people looking for cheap (or free) Halloween costumes. All you have to do is ask a friend for some sportswear and accessories and wear them as clothing.

Pirate-themed costumes

Like bell-down pants and turtle-necks, this is also a classic Halloween costume that came back as one of the most popular costumes this year. Is all this hype because of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies? … Probably … but pirate-themed costumes are a great seller this Halloween season and it’s probably the best seller in the “couple/group costume” category.

Fantasy Four

Yet another superhero / movie-inspired Halloween costume set. These costumes are quite simple and easy to wear (although the “Thing” Halloween costume may not be so comfortable). This dress set is a great choice for couples and groups.

BK King

BK King … what a fun Halloween costume. This Halloween costume has been on top for years. It’s not as “desirable” as it was a few years ago, but it’s still at the top (mostly because it got a lot of people in the previous Halloween season, and now people are letting it be “recyclable” or someone else can use it).

Sexy witch / rabbit / nurse / maid / whatever

Are you a beautiful woman? Then this is the Halloween costume for your use. Use something sexy and you’ll be fine.

It was the 10 best Halloween costumes for this Halloween season. You should also keep in mind that these Halloween costumes will be extremely popular, so there may be a lot of people wearing them. If you plan to be “original” and want to be the only one at your Halloween party using your chosen costume, you should probably look for another Halloween costume. But if you want to use one of the warmest clothes then you are good. Just do your best to look very good, that way if there are more people wearing a similar costume, hopefully, you will be the one looking cooler. Cheers!