Kids Reactions to Costumes | 12 years of Themed Costumes

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Since our family was just Rach and Jase we have dressed up in themed costumes as a whole family. Sadly our early years don’t have pictures. But here are the years we do have pictures of.
2004 was 3 little pigs. 2006 was Tiger lilly and Tinkerbell, Jase and Rach were Nacho Libre and Incarnacio. 2007 was Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Shae was the wardrobe, he was on a hanger. 2008 was Toy story. This is Klai’s Favorite Year. She was Jessie the cowgirl, Rykel was Bo Peep, Shae was Dino, Wyatt was an Alien and our friends were woody and buzz lightyear. 2009 we were Flintstones. That was a fun year Jase was Fred, Rach – Wilma, the kids were Barney, Betty, Bam Bam and the girl. 2010 was Wizard of Oz a fun cute year. Evee was a baby and she was a munchkin, Rach – Glinda the good witch, Jase – Scarecrow, Klai wicked witch, Rykel – Dorothy, Shae – tin man, Wyatt – Cowardly Lion. 2011 was XMEN – I think a FAVORITE year among many. Jase was Wolverine in white shirt, Shae was wolverine in his outfit, Klai – Rogue, Rykel – Storm, Wyatt – Beast, Evee – Baby Mystik and Rach – . 2012 was Despicable Me – Jase was Gru, Rach, Klai and Rykel were the girls, Evee and Wyatt and Cora were minions. 2013 Was Wreck-it RAlph. Wyatt was ralph, Shae – Fix it felix, Jase – Zengif, Rach – Calhoun, Cora – sour bill, Evee – Candlehead, Rykel – Taffyta, KLai – Venelope. 2014 another FAVORITE year – Disney Evils. Rach – Maleficient, Jase – Hades, Klai – Evil Queen, Rykel – Cruella Deville (her favorite costume), Shae – Captain Hook, Wyatt – Jafar, Evee – Queen of Hearts, And Cora was Ursulla. 2015 was fun with Big Hero 6. Jase was Baymax, Rach was Pro. Callahan with the Kabuki mask, Klai – Wasabi, Rykel – Go Go, Shae – Fred (his favorite year), Wyatt – Hiro, Evee – Honey Lemon (her favorite costume), Cora – Bot. 2016 this year of course is Harry Potter themed! We love it!

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Here’s a little about our Family; we are from Hawaii and recently moved to the mainland to explore new lands & experience all that this beautiful world has to offer.
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Shae 9
Wyatt 8
Evelin 6
Cora 4

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