“Sexy Handmaid’s Tale” Halloween costume puts bee in feminist bonnet | Amanda Head

“Sexy Handmaid’s Tale” Halloween costume puts a bee in feminist bonnet | Amanda Head

It’s almost Halloween, and kids won’t give up their Halloween fun just because trick-or-treating isn’t as carefree and innocent as it used to be. They can still hang out with their friends, in a group under adult supervision, in a cool Halloween costume, and have a safe time.

If the kids need to go door to door, take them to each other’s houses, where they can come in, grab a snack, play some kids’ Halloween games, and then move on to the next house.
After visiting everyone in the house, they spend the rest of the afternoon at the last house where they watch a scary Halloween movie and eat some of their candy and some good healthy homemade Halloween snacks with all the candy.
They set up a “scary room” in the last house they have to go through to get into the house. It doesn’t have to be big, just pretty dark. Hang fake spiders and webs in the doorway, which they have to paint against to get into the house. One nasty thing they made for us when I was a kid was a BIG bowl of cooked pasta (use your imagination to choose the shape) that was precooked and wet. We had to put our hands through the bowl in the dark and were told it was Cerebro!
Play spooky Halloween music at the entrance to the Chamber of Horrors with moans and screams and spooky laughs and so on. Keep the room dark, maybe with a candle or two, so that no one trips and gets hurt. Stick skeleton clippings that glow in the dark on the walls.
Prepare a piñata for the party so each child has a chance to hit it with a stick until it opens and all the candy falls to the floor. Have the youngest children start first, so the older ones don’t break it at first.
For some children, they play Halloween games and, depending on their age, tried and true party games like Paint the Tail on the Donkey.
Serve them a special Halloween party food, such as cookies or cupcakes (more sugar!) decorated with orange and black icing, or a special Halloween tin cake with a big black web and a spider on top!
Decorate the room for the party with Halloween party decorations like carved pumpkins, ghosts, spiders in webs, witches on broomsticks, black cats, bats, and Halloween skeletons.
For young teenagers who want to go trick-or-treating, they organize a treasure hunt in which they have to go to each of their homes and look for a specific thing. Different parents or adults can take two or three teenagers separately, so they don’t all get together in one house at the same time!
At each house, they can also “trick-or-treat” and after finding what they are looking for, they can go back to the last house for their party.
Ask your local mall before Halloween if trick-or-treating is allowed. If so, take all the children there and have a children’s Halloween party at one of the restaurants that host children’s parties.
These are just a few suggestions for a safe and healthy Halloween party for children. With a little imagination, you can make Halloween unforgettable for your children and start a new tradition to replace the traditional trick-or-treaters.

Amanda Head of TheRebel.media says Halloween costume outrage has now stretched beyond “cultural appropriation” to anger on behalf of fictional characters. https://www.therebel.media/feminists_get_bees_in_their_bonnets_over_sexy_handmaid_s_tale_halloween_costume

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