Bringing a child into the world is an incredible experience for many women. When Halloween comes and you are in the family, it is still possible if you want to have fun, as there are many Halloween costumes for pregnant women to choose from. If you like a little DIY, here are some great Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women.

If you are pregnant when Halloween comes around, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the holidays and the fun of Halloween. Even if your body (and face) changes, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up, which is an essential aspect of Halloween, and you can find many great Halloween costumes for pregnant women. If you are creative by nature, you will find here some great costume ideas that you can easily implement and that can be interpreted by creative or just lazy people.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

The first eyeball

This is one of the easiest Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women. All you need is some black dresses and some facial pain. If you are dressed all in black for Halloween, simply paint the area of the belly naked or dressed in white and then paint the center of the eye the desired color. Make it as realistic as possible by adding a few red veins. Depending on what you’re looking for, the eyeball can be cute or scary.


If you’re exhausted and don’t want to do too much, look like a Halloween pumpkin, which is one of the easiest Halloween costumes for pregnant women. Wear a green hat that you can make at home out of felt. Then paint your belly orange and decorate it and let it stick out through a hole you make at the top.


The pea is another of the simplest Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women who are too exhausted from pregnancy to want to try too hard on Halloween. Or any pregnant woman looking for simple, easy Halloween costume ideas. Colorful jeans have grown for the season, so it should be easy to find green jeans. Or you can wear green sweatpants, tights, etc. Add a green sweatshirt or other long-sleeved shirt and make a hole in the belly of the shirt or lift the shirt to show off your naked belly, making sure your belly is painted green.

 paint the belly

If there’s nothing else you can do, paint your belly naked as a pregnant woman and use Halloween to show it off with pride. You can paint it to look like a soccer ball, basketball, bowling, etc.

The witch

If all else fails, the witch costume is an old one, but a gift and one of the best Halloween costumes for pregnant women. There are also witches who are mothers, and you can use your painted pregnant belly to play the witch with a pumpkin. You have to use what you have, and a pregnant belly is a great Halloween resource.

hey love, today I’m showing you a last-minute DIY scary Halloween costume idea inspired by the movie THE PURGE. this is really cheap and easy to make. hope you enjoy it!

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