Warrior Cats Halloween Dress Up! | Warrior Cats Challenge #3

Warrior Cats Halloween Dress Up! | Warrior Cats Challenge #3

If you are looking for activities for your Halloween class, you have a wide variety of games and activities to choose from. You can integrate Halloween activities into your math, writing, and art classes, among others. In fact, you couldn’t do anything more than Halloween activities for the month of October and still fill every day with quality educational content.

Halloween activities in the classroom don’t have to be just a little bit of fun. They can be rewarding activities that keep learning and that kids will want to participate in. Check out the different ways you can incorporate this scary theme into your program.


It’s worth including some Halloween math activities in your program before Halloween. Halloween mind games are always popular with children. These can be math puzzles involving Halloween characters such as witches, ghosts, and vampires.

Many common puzzles can easily become Halloween brain teasers. Here is one to help you get started. Wendy the Witch has all her cats and all her owls in the house. She has nine animals in the house and they have a total of 30 legs. How many cats and how many owls does she have?

Writing Activities

Halloween class activities can also focus on writing activities. An acrobatic poem is a great way to unleash creativity. Children simply write “Halloween” on the page and then use these letters to begin each line of their poem. This is a popular activity in the Halloween class. Other Halloween words can also be used for the poem. Children might use Frankenstein, Ghost, Vampire, or Spooky as the word for their poems. They will also enjoy the elegant writing and decoration of their poem when the final copy is published.

There are other Halloween class activities that also involve writing. Children could write a Halloween story or write a journal for a Halloween character, describing what the character does during the week of Halloween.

Craft Activities

Halloween crafts are also a great way to encourage children’s creativity. Making Halloween decorations, cards and even board games encourages children to express themselves creatively. It might be fun for children to create and decorate cutouts of ghosts, witches, or bats. Halloween cards and bookmarks can also be decorated to give to friends or family.

It’s fun to make a Halloween board game, and when it’s done, it’s fun to play with. You can contribute materials and some ideas, and then let the kids design and create their own project. Halloween in the classroom doesn’t have to be limited to a fun Halloween party. There are many worthwhile activities that children can participate in as Halloween approaches. Children can enjoy a week of Halloween or even a week of Halloween. In addition to doing math, writing, and crafts, they can also do research on Halloween to discover its origins and meaning.

There are a number of Halloween activities that you can bring into your classroom. The best part is that learning doesn’t have to stop because there are so many different activities that are also educational.

For Halloween, I decided to ask you all to dress up the Warrior Cats however you wanted. You all sent in lovely art. Here are my favorites!