Witch Halloween Costumes for Kids

Witch Halloween Costumes for Kids


Witches, Warlocks or Spell Casters are very popular in almost any Costume Parties. They have been mainstream villains ever since then. Wearing one won’t make you miss out all the fun in a party. Check out our most popular cute and fancy selection of Witch Halloween Costumes for Kids. Girls can have fun choosing our wide range of colorful witch costumes. You can even try a light up Witch Dress which makes it appear more magical. Try mixing and matching our Witch Costumes with our Fun Sized Witch Hats and get that playful twist in your typical witch costume.


Take a wand and a broom stick to complete your witchy look. A good suggestion would be to put on some witch makeup or a woochie that would enhance the evil witch look. Sprinkle some glittery powder and makeup if you want to appear as a good witch like Glenda from the Wizard of Oz. We also have your favorite witch characters from your favorite books, plays and movies.

So have fun, experiment, and have a bewitching Halloween!