My Halloween Decorations 2020

It’s finally October, and the Halloween season is officially in full swing! To kick off the greatest and spookiest month of the year it is time for you all to see my Halloween decorations for this year, and I hope they’re enough to get you into the Halloween spirit for the best time of year that has finally arrived!

Alice Cooper – Go to Hell
Stephen Sondheim – Opening Title
Myuu – The End is Always Near
Bernard Herrmann – Prelude
Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre
Bernard Herrmann – The Murder
Keosz – Nothing Left but Gloom
Wordclock – St. George

Check out the playlist for Nightmare House 2020: The Experiments to see the haunt builds take place as we grow closer to the haunt on Halloween night:

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Intro and outro made by BBDoll Studios:

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Keep howling at the moon my werewolves!