SLIME MONSTER CAKE | Scary Halloween Ideas

SLIME MONSTER CAKE | Scary Halloween Ideas

What excites me about horror and Halloween movies (and millions of people) every fall? Is it the fresh autumn air or the sweet corn that makes our eyes sparkle? Is it the classic horror movies like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street that excites us? Not quite. It’s the feeling of escape that Halloween brings that excites us.

I theorize that it’s the idea of escaping every day, dressing up, and letting yourself be captivated by the exciting thrillers that thrill us every October. October is the time of year when adults can once again pretend to be children and play fantasy. Of course, everything starts with a spooky costume (or fun costume).

On Halloween, we can pretend to dress up. Throughout October, we adults can attend Halloween parties and be who or what we want to be. We don’t have to be the kid in the next cabin for one night. We can be a soldier, a mummy, or an all-powerful vampire. We can leave our normal selves behind. When else can be grown men wear latex masks and velvet capes? When else can women dress up in gorilla suits and not think twice except on Halloween? For many of us, Halloween is the time when we can be someone else. We can make or buy our capes and pantyhose and parade around like celebrities on the holidays.

The Halloween props you see inside and outside your home on Halloween enhance the feeling of escape. My wife and I go out on Halloween, decorate the driveway and sometimes even turn the garage into a haunted house. It’s fun for us and our neighbors. Will the haunting in your house make you money or will it somehow increase your financial status? Not really. But it’s entertainment and, believe it or not, family entertainment. We love it when local families come and do tricks in our house and challenge the haunted garage. The children squeal with joy and the parents leave with a smile on their faces. You have to have Halloween props to enhance that escapist feeling.

Let’s not forget the movies that are shown on TV and in the cinemas on Halloween. I know that some people don’t like scary movies (or monster movies, as some people call them), but they have their place in society. It all boils down to escaping reality. I don’t watch horror movies to enjoy violence. I love to see Jason, Freddy, or Leatherface get beaten up at the end. But the tension of the movies and the feeling that they take me out of the normal world is exciting. Worrying about Leatherface or a bunch of evil space aliens for an hour and a half is more fun than worrying about bills or the explosion of nuclear power plants in Japan. I know Leatherface will be stuck on TV by the end of the night.

I urge people who don’t celebrate Halloween to get out of their comfort zone and enjoy the party next fall. Buy some Halloween candy, a festive costume, and Halloween accessories. Even if you just hang some cobwebs, put on an alien mask, and watch old episodes of the Munsters on TV, give the party a chance. We all need to get out of our lives once in a while, and Halloween is the perfect time to do it.

This awesome Halloween SLIME MONSTER Cake is great ideas for a kid’s party or a spooky Halloween themed party.



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