TWISTED CLOWN | Creepy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

TWISTED CLOWN | Creepy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Turn yourself into a super creepy twisted clown this Halloween and scare all the little kiddies in your neighborhood!
(But like, don’t actually run around scaring children because that might land you in hot water)

Here is my next Halloween makeup tutorial! Really wanted to do some classic horror looks this year, and this particular clown I’ve actually had drawn up in my sketchbook for like 2 years, so it was time to bring it to life!

My apologies to anyone with a legit clown phobia, hopefully, based on the thumbnail you did not watch this one

Let me know what you think in the comments!



~ Make Up For Ever Color White Cream

~ Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

~ Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Black

~ NYX Eye Shadow Base: Black

~ NYX Ultimate Palette Cool Neutrals

~ WolfeFX Hydrocolors: Black, White, Red

~ NYX Pro Shadow Refill: Cougar

~ CamoEyes Contact Lenses: Red Spiral

Red Spiral Contact Lenses



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