[DIY] – How To Make a Phone Case From Hot Glue Gun – Life Hacks For Kids

[DIY] – How To Make a Phone Case From Hot Glue Gun – Life Hacks For Kids

If you’re looking for ways to keep your children happy, check out these ideas for arts and crafts. Kids love to do things, and it’s even better when mom or dad or both are involved.

Fall is a great time to take the kids out into the woods and collect nuts, cones, and leaves for their craft projects. You’ll be surprised at how many art and craft ideas are inspired by nature. You can spray cones and leaves with silver and gold paint and use them to make table decorations or even Christmas wreaths for the door. Walnut wreaths are a nice change from commercial Christmas wreaths and can be eaten later if the kids can wait that long.

Buy some unpeeled hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, and Brazil nuts and pick some ivy leaves to decorate them with some greenery. You will also need some varnish, glue, a small brush, wire, and tape. A glue gun would be helpful, but not a necessity. Paint the nutshells with some varnish to bring out their natural beauty. You can also paint some ivy leaves and let them dry overnight.

You can make the base of the crown by twisting some fine twigs to form a round shape, but you can also buy finished twigs very cheaply. Workaround the wreath and glue the nuts together. It makes sense to use the larger nuts first and then the smaller hazelnuts to fill in any gaps. Try to vary the different colors to make the wreath look good. Decorate the wreath with the ivy leaves and finish with a nice bow. The children will have a lot of fun putting everything together and will be excited when people stop to admire their work.

Craft ideas can also be turned into gifts. All nut lovers will be delighted to receive the above-mentioned wreath as a Christmas present.

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