Mad Eye Moody REAL MOVEMENT DIY – Harry Potter

Mad-Eye Moody REAL MOVEMENT DIY – Harry Potter

Inspired by the arts and crafts movement that flourished in the second half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century, arts and crafts carpets reflect the design philosophy propagated by the movement with bright colors and floral patterns with twists and turns of the serpentine pattern. They belong to a time when artists and craftsmen made serious attempts to assert this connection between art and industry against the somber and rigid patterns of the Victorian era and the industrial era.

Handmade carpets are known mainly for their elaborate and complex patterns, which are mostly followed by naturalistic objects, especially flora and fauna. They celebrate the skills of human hands as opposed to the machines that flourished in the industrial era. Handmade carpets became examples of beautiful and colorful patterns of flowers, leaves, trees, birds, animals, etc. Lighter colors such as gold, burgundy, carmine red, dark blue, dark green, red, and yellow were quite common in these carpets.

When the craft movement started from the ideals of William Morris and John Ruskin, it influenced several industries such as textiles, carpentry, painting, construction, decoration, etc. While most of them later turned to the new styles and fashions, the carpet making industry took up the movement with enthusiasm. For this reason, we still find carpets in the market that follow the echo of the movement.

Morris and Ruskin wanted the movement to inspire the creation of designs that were “for the people and by the people and a source of joy to the creator and the user. If you look at the handmade carpets created during this period, you will see just that: designs and colors that are stunning and attractive wherever they are placed, whether near the fireplace of a manor house or in the living room of an attic apartment.

Handcrafted carpets are usually made of wool and give you comfort and warmth when you step on them barefoot. Today they are made in various styles and sizes, but basically follow the same colors and patterns that were made by skilled craftsmen in ancient times. Today you will find several companies that will make custom rugs according to your design, color, and size preferences. The era is different, the users are different and even the areas are different, but handmade carpets still capture the minds of the viewers.

Doris Leslie Blue is one of the most popular providers of handmade rugs in the United States, offering you rugs of the highest quality and design, combining the skilled craftsmanship of antiquity with today’s advanced manufacturing technology.

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