Amazing Halloween Nail Art Compilation

Amazing Halloween Nail Art Compilation

The French nail manicure is one of the most popular single nail designs. It is simple, yet flexible and natural, yet sophisticated. The good thing about simple nail designs is that you can only slightly change the style and color to create another interesting element. This black web design is still chic because you only do the tip of the nail. It’s a great look for a nighttime adventure or even for a professional.

There are many simple nail designs that come from an original idea. In this case, it’s the French nail manicure. Unlike the French Nail Manicure, which is painted on the tip of the nail, this design is V-shaped. Also in this design black nail polish is used instead of white and has additional silver lines.

Simple nail designs

The V-shape The most difficult part of achieving the V-shape is making sure that the tip is exactly in the middle of the nail. What you can do is take a black nail paintbrush and draw a small tip in the middle of the nail. Essentially, you have a small black dot, which is more than in the middle of your nail just below the tip of the nail. This dot ensures that your V-shape is symmetrical. Use the black dot as the center point and draw an X on the tip of your nail. Remember that this looks like a French nail manicure, so the design is only on the top half of the nail. Now fill in the 3 of the 4 quadrants of the X you made with black nail polish. In other words: fill in the top of the X, the left side of the X, and the right side of the X. Do not fill in the bottom of the X, because this will create the V shape. You will no longer see the X, just a black rectangle with an angle in it.

The X marks the spot. Are you ready to find the X you made again? Take a silver nail brush and trace where the X used to be. You can use the black V shape as a guide. The silver X will break the tip of your nail into three quadrants. If the silver X is not clearly visible, pass the line again. Also, some name marks are better than others and contain more shine for each stroke.

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