DIY Nail Art: Ombre Halloween Tutorial

DIY Nail Art: Ombre Halloween Tutorial

If you’re looking for simple nail designs with a smooth look, you should consider this design. This art can be easily created with white lacquer, a burgundy nail brush, and a file.

Simple nail designs are popular because they enhance our natural nails. What makes this look so innocent is the color combination, the simplicity of the design, and the rounded nail tips. To achieve this look, please follow these steps:

– If your nails are flat or pointed, use a file to make them round. Start with the sides of your nail and work toward the center. If you start in the middle, you may shave too much and get a flat nail. You can also buy rounded nail tips and stick them to your natural nails.

– Then, draw a V shape on the tip of your nail and fill it in with white nail polish. Make sure the tip is exactly in the middle of your nail, otherwise it’s not symmetrical. Simple nail designs are often inherently symmetrical.

– Take a nail polish brush and carefully outline the tip of your white nail with the burgundy color. Start on the left side of the nail and follow the edge of the white nail tip to the center. Don’t stop there. Extend your burgundy tip a little beyond the white center. Repeat on the opposite side. You don’t want to start in the middle. If you notice it in the picture, the line starts thick and gets thinner as it reaches the center. So you want to start on the left side of the nail and work towards the center as well. Essentially, you draw a burgundy X on the white tip of your nail. Don’t worry if your X isn’t perfect over the white tip of your nail. With this simple nail design, it doesn’t matter.

– This design looks raw by nature. This means that the use of clear nail polish is optional. The advantage of using clear nail polish is that it protects the simple nail design. However, if you want a natural look, you should skip this last step.

Try this easy nail art look, for a cute-but-creepy manicure. It’s spooktacular!

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