⛄️ Corona Navideña con Regalitos :: Christmas DIY Craft 🎄 Chuladas Creativas

Corona Navideña con Regalitos :: Christmas DIY Craft Chuladas Creativas

Christmas is a celebration in which all kinds of children’s crafts are made at home and in the school environment.

However, making crafts for children should be an activity that brings fun and excitement to the children’s activities, as well as creating a link with the adults who carry out the projects with them.

Educational arts and crafts are a way of making crafts with children, where they do not blindly copy the model of adults, but create things that they can create at their own level of development.

When children create something at their own level, several things happen.

It creates a great feeling about themselves, because who can feel good about craft projects that are imitations of others. Children create projects using their own creativity, and that gives them a better sense of self-esteem.

An additional advantage of arts and crafts in education is that it allows for much more creativity. If an adult makes a project and wants a child to copy it, it’s the perfect way to suppress creativity.

There are some categories that are part of educational arts and crafts. There is the cafeteria-style, which allows children to choose the materials they want to work with, there is only process art, where the process is what counts, along with some others.

The point is that all arts and crafts under arts and crafts education must be age-appropriate and allow for freedom of creation and expression.

I will show you two extremely simple and inexpensive Christmas decorations that you can make.

The first uses disposable plastic cups:

You must provide children with a set of colorful, permanent markers so they can color in their cups. It will be a much nicer decoration if you get the children to cover as much as possible with markers on the cup.

When they’re ready, take a can of cookies, place the cups upside down on top, and place the cups in the cup at about 350 degrees. Leave them inside for a few minutes while they melt. Be careful not to let them burn out. As you can imagine, the cups and tray get very hot, so children should stay away until they have cooled down.

When they have cooled, make a hole in the middle and use a colored ribbon to hang them as decorations on the tree.

For our next craft, you will use any unused or unneeded DVDs or CDs.

Basically: Decorate them and hang them.

There are infinite ways to decorate the CDs.

You can color them with permanent markers, glue them together and make them shine, make a collage, detach them, and decorate them with all the bright and decorative materials you can find. When they are finished, take a nice ribbon and hang them on your tree. If you want to see what a cafeteria-style craft looks like, check out this Hanukkah Crafts collage.

Mis Chuladas, esta idea es genial para decorar la puerta muy navideña pero no tan común, es una corona de Regalitos, queda muy alegre y súper navideña

Si quieres ver mucho más ideas para decorar o regalar en Navidad da click aquí 👉🏼http://bit.ly/2n7J3ss

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