13 DIY predloga – Novogodišnji ukrasi – Christmas DIY | Milica Kanic

13 DIY predloga – Novogodišnji ukrasi – Christmas DIY | Milica Kanic

There are many ways to combine recycling with crafts, provide hours of entertainment, and perhaps a small number of Christmas gifts.

One of my favorite crafts is the decoupage. The materials needed are simply old magazines, some scissors, some white glue and something to decorate. I’ve seen people use this art medium on everything from wooden boxes to double bed headboards.

Once you have the item(s) you need to decorate, you can put them aside and start flipping through the magazines to look for pictures and words that will jump out at you or help you convey something you want to say. The great thing about this ship is that there is no “wrong” way to do it. Some people will use an entire ad including the ad settings and others may cut out the person or object in the background. The belief is that an item on a page is superimposed on the object to be decorated.

After you have removed many images and words, you can start decorating your object – the ideas and creative imagination are endless from that point on! Use all the cut flowers and birds to decorate your work, prepare each drawing of a dog, and see how many you can discover and use them all to decorate your recycling project!

Arrange your cuttings on the surface of whatever you want to reuse or decorate, and apply a layer of glue over the whole project. If you use White Glue or Mod Podge, you’ll get a smooth layer on your artwork, and when that layer is dry, repaint it, and so on. The layers of glue protect your artwork, and if you use a high gloss layer, it will also have a nice shine.

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