Berry Votive Holder

Dress up any simple glass berry on wire votive holder in Michael’s Craft Shop and wrap it around the votive holder. Once the circle is formed, use a thin piece of craft wire or wire to hang the pictures from any store and tie the ends together. My favorite colors are gold, silver, burgundy, or red. For a fun touch, use cream or sky blue. Use them in your own home or wrap them up in a set of four or six in a nice box with a beautiful ribbon as a great gift. Exactly the same items can be used as napkin rings!

Holiday napkin rings

Use simple wooden napkin rings and paint them any color you want, such as red, gold, silver, or white and decorate them with a small bell, snowflake, pearls, or just any color with a pattern of snowflakes, dots, stripes, etc.

Funky centerpiece

Fill an inexpensive glass vase (preferably a tall cylindrical piece) with glass decorations of all sizes and the same color. I like red, green, gold, silver or blue. Use one color but several designs such as stripes, swirls, frosted, shiny, etc. With a big enough bowl, this can be a great centerpiece. Try spicy red for your dining table. You can buy cheap balls at dollar stores, discount stores like Ross, Walmart, or Target or try the Salvation Army.

Traditional Wreath

Use a pre-made artificial green wreath and then buy 2 colored berries on a wire. This year I used gold with cream and Burgundy wine. Wrap the long end of the wire on the bottom of the berries around the round wire that holds the crown together. Do this for each set. Change the colors to go color one, color two, color one. The two colors will come to a point where the top of the wreath will be the color of wine on one side and gold/cream on the other, with the meeting point at the top and bottom. The green will be loosened so that the berries do not appear to be floating on top. When finished, add a ribbon of the same colors you have chosen for the berries below. Wrap the ribbon about 5 times around the bottom center, with the center of the long piece of ribbon in the middle. Finally, tie a large ribbon. The key is to find an inexpensive ribbon about 3″ wide and leave 2 long tails at the bottom of the loop about 8″ long. It attaches to the front door or over the fireplace, etc.

Create cold coasters

Use circular-cut plexiglass from Home Depot or the craft store about 3″ wide and use festive fabric to cut the same size. Use aerosol glue to attach the fabric to the Plexiglas. You can also use wrapping paper or wallpaper. Make them for yourself or give a set of four or six. As a gift, remember that you don’t have to wear a Christmas theme, use contemporary floral stripes, or even a photo.

Christmas Art Frames

Use ready-made frames that are fun and fit in a 4 “x6” frame at least, for Christmas words like JOY, LOVE or PEACE. Use a nice gift wrap or printed fonts on your computer to slide them behind the glass. Silver and gold frames are my favorite of the season. Feel free to use barn boards, wood, plastic, whatever you have in the house. These are nice decorative gifts for friends and family too.

Mini snow-covered tree

Collect a bunch of branches long enough to come out of a decent-sized vase. Use decorating blue and white tissue paper to create a decent effect for the vase, or leave the vase clearly filled with glass ornaments or whatever you want. Spray the branches with white paint and use fishing wire to hang small ornaments and antique jewelry for a fun effect. Use the vase on a table, in a doorway, or in a bedroom. Feel free to add some basic white interior lights for a nice nighttime glow.

Monogrammed towels

To stay within budget, buy some great, simple kitchen towels with a simple stripe on the bottom in red, blue, green or even black. Use a stencil with letters and fabric paint to paint the initials of your last name on the towel. If you can find the kitchen towels at a super low price, feel free to make a set of two with different colors.

Holiday Center

One of the simplest centers is a glass vase filled with water and real blueberries (not frozen, not dried) and a white floating candle. Use an interesting vase with a large opening or a large glass bowl. Either way, the cranberries, and candle will float and look wonderful. Be sure to use an unscented candle on your dining table. We don’t want the smell to disturb the wonderful aroma of your home cooking.

Homemade Snowball

Use old jars of jam to make a winter snowball. You will need water, the jam jar, the glitter of your choice, epoxy glue, tape, and a small figure or a few for the interior. Use the epoxy glue and stick the figure(s) on the inside of the lid. Then pour some glitter or mini plastic snowflakes into the cup. Now add bacteria-free distilled water and close the glass tightly. Finally, add a ribbon around the bottom of the balloon (the lid) to hide it and that’s it. Here too: gift or own decoration… You decide.

Holiday tableware

places like Ikea and discount stores may offer a set of 4 bowls and plates that can be painted with glass paint. Make sure that when you eat from it, the paint is used for it. You can use white ceramic or glass bowls and dishes. For the glass set use cream to engrave glass and a template for a great effect. Finish the set and leave.

Preparing the cushions

Take your existing cushions and prepare them for the party with some simple organza. Take a square or rectangular cushions and wrap the organza sheet around the back until the ribbons meet the front. Now make a loop. The idea is to use colors that work. So if you have red pillows, use some gold organza. If you have white pillows, use the red ones or the gold ones, etc. If you know how to use the sewing machine, you can make simple square covers for the ones you already have, so you can change them after your vacation. Wearing an old knitted sweater is another fun cover for them. A good idea for the covers is velvet. Use an iron and a stamp. Take the back of the fabric and put the iron there. Press the seal on the good side of the velvet. When you’re done, the pattern will be visible everywhere, either as a largely centered detail or as several small details. Use this for chair covers too!



If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your we are ready to help! Christmas is a wonderful time of a year and everybody wants to be full of Christmas spirit. You can watch classic Christmas movies, read Christmas themed but the most important thing is to decorate your house. Here is a whole collection of magical Christmas projects that will make your room as festive as possible.
Create a Snowman decoration that is really easy to make. You will need 3 glass bowls of different sizes.
Fill the largest one with polystyrene and decorate with Christmas ornaments, tree, Christmas presents, electric candle, or everything you like. Do the same thing with the second smaller layer. Then fill the third layer with different sweets you like: candies, chocolate, lollipops. Finally, make a cute hat from the color paper and place it at the top of the snowman. This project will be a cute decoration of your Christmas table that your kids will totally love.
Another cheap and fast idea is to make a plastic spoon Christmas tree. This ingenious idea doesn’t require much effort and skills. Cut the heads off all the spoons, color them and glue plastic spoons to the cardboard tree form. Voila! You will an easy way how to creatively wrap money gifts.
Recycling is a way to help the environment. Now you can make your DIY recycled Christmas tree out of plastic bottles.
Check out lovely Santa ornaments using threads, felt, and even plastic spoons! Another awesome party idea is decorating plastic cups with Santa belts. Make sure that you use red cups for the party.
These Christmas party ideas will make your party absolutely incredible! Our craft projects won’t take a lot of time and require a minimum amount of supplies.

00:09 Plastic spoon Christmas tree
01:14 Reuse plastic bottles
03:10 A cool Santa ornament
04:09 Christmas game
06:36 Snowman decoration

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